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Do ex­er­cises 6 and 7 as a su­per set, al­ter­nat­ing be­tween 5 reps of each move the en­tire time. Rest briefly; then do moves 9 and 8 as a sec­ond su­per set. Rest as needed be­tween sets to main­tain good form, and use chal­leng­ing weights. Fol­low the week-by-week sched­ule for a train­ing time break­down.


Use lighter weights than you­di­da­dayear­lier.Do ex­er­cise 9 first; then do move 7, us­ing only your body weight. Fin­ish with moves 6 and 8. Fol­low the week-by week a sets and-reps break­down. Do all sets for one ex­er­cise be­fore con­tin­u­ing to the next. Rest 30 sec­onds be­tween sets.

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