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Are you headed to the pool for a swim? Grab a train­ing part­ner and chal­lenge your phys­i­cal and men­tal strength with these XPT drills.

Rep­tile Crawl

At the bot­tom of the shal­low end of a pool, set up in push-up po­si­tion but with your legs float­ing, hands grasp­ing dumb­bells. Move the dumb­bells for­ward one at a time, grad­u­ally mov­ing your­self as you do. Stay un­der for as long as pos­si­ble. Go as far as you can on one breath; do 2 sets.

Ammo Carry

Get in a pool, a light dumb­bell in your left hand. In­hale, hold the dumb­bell against your ster­num, and do an un­der­wa­ter breast­stroke us­ing only your legs and free arm. Swim as far as you can on one breath. Come up for air, switch hands, and swim back. Re­peat twice.

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