Three Men’s Health US ed­i­tors sort it out.

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sean evans [1:20 PM] So what are your most im­por­tant rules for Slack? Jor­dyn Tay­lor [1:20 PM] Overus­ing @here is a ma­jor no.

Louis Barag­ona [1:20 PM]

Yes! @here should only be used for press­ing in­for­ma­tion.

sean evans [1:20 PM]

So don’t @here ev­ery­one that photo of my dog when he lies up­side down on the couch?

Louis Barag­ona [1:20 PM]

No, please do. sean evans [1:20 PM] When do you thread some­thing?

Jor­dyn Tay­lor [1:20 PM]

If Louis pitches a story about beard trim­mers, we don’t need to clog the whole chan­nel.

Louis Barag­ona [1:20 PM]

If you wouldn’t say it IRL to the group, DM it. sean evans [1:21 PM] How about GIF usage?

Jor­dyn Tay­lor [1:21 PM]

I love us­ing cel­e­bra­tory GIFs!

An­i­mals are usu­ally pretty safe across the board.

Louis Barag­ona [1:21 PM]

Also, if you pro­nounce it JIF, then please don’t send any­thing!

sean evans [1:21 PM]

Do gram­mar and punc­tu­a­tion mat­ter?

Jor­dyn Tay­lor [1:21 PM]

For ev­ery­day con­ver­sa­tions with your co-work­ers, your punc­tu­a­tion doesn’t have to be per­fect.

sean evans [1:22 PM]

When should you switch to a real con­ver­sa­tion?

Louis Barag­ona [1:22 PM]

If some­one just isn’t un­der­stand­ing your mes­sage, a convo could be bet­ter.

Jor­dyn Tay­lor [1:22 PM]

If you feel like your mes­sage isn’t get­ting across, take the con­ver­sa­tion off-line.

Louis Barag­ona [1:22 PM]

Twins! Let’s have a con­ver­sa­tion about you copy­ing me, Jor­dyn.

Jor­dyn Tay­lor [1:22 PM]


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