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2018 was all about mea­sur­ing your macros, with the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) move­ments gain­ing ma­jor traction in the hash­tags of fit­ness blog­gers’ avo-toast In­sta­gram posts. But if you’re still bat­tling to wrap your head around macros, you’re out of luck and time. 2019 is all about meso-nu­tri­ents.

In Greek, “macro” means large, “mi­cro” means small and “meso” means mid­dle. What we ac­tu­ally want to know, on top of the nutri­tional value, is the ac­tive com­pounds that make up the foods we’re eat­ing.

Think of mela­tonin, the hor­mone pro­duced in the pineal gland that helps reg­u­late our cir­ca­dian rhythm. A 2011 study in Crit­i­cal Re­views In Food Science And Nu­tri­tion found that mela­tonin is also present in ed­i­ble plants. An­other study found that cher­ries con­tain mela­tonin as an ac­tive in­gre­di­ent, and that when study par­tic­i­pants ate cher­ries, they gen­er­ally slept bet­ter. So if you’re bat­tling in­som­nia, add foods that con­tain mela­tonin (or check out the sleep specs in point 9 on the next page).

But what’s the take­out? Al­though it sounds com­pli­cated, the prin­ci­ple is sim­ple: we want to func­tion at op­ti­mum ca­pac­ity, and we’re even turn­ing to our di­ets and sup­ple­ments to help us do that. And with the rise of nootrop­ics, and more phar­ma­cies stock­ing the pure ac­tive com­pounds on their shelves (mela­tonin, mag­ne­sium, cur­cumin, etc.), the health sec­tor is plac­ing im­por­tance on this too.

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