Wor­kers ta­ke to the streets

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On Tu­es­day mor­ning a small group of sup­por­ters of the In­de­pen­dent Wor­kers' Ad­vi­ce Cen­t­re pic­ke­ted for ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly two hours on Lou­is Fou­rie Ro­ad in A­sla Park in sup­port of w­hat they term to be "wor­kers who are ad­ver­se­ly af­fected in ten­der con­tract ir­re­gu­la­ri­ties at Pe­troSA in­vol­ving Fee­dem Pits­eng".

The pe­a­ce­ful and le­gal pic­ke­ting, or­ga­ni­sed by Fai­zel Por­ter, the foun­der and ma­na­ger of the In­de­pen­dent Wor­kers' Ad­vi­ce Cen­t­re, gai­ned a lot of sup­port from pas­sers­by on their way to work, e­vi­dent from the num­ber of cheers from pe­op­le dri­ving by and hon­king their hoo­t­ers.

Por­ter said wor­kers, es­pe­ci­al­ly ste­wards wor­king for the ca­te­ring com­pa­ny Fee­dem Pits­eng at the Pe­troSA FA Plat­form, had their in­co­me s­las­hed u­ni­la­te­ral­ly, and de­spi­te all ef­forts we­re not a­ble to ha­ve the mat­ter sett­led a­mi­ca­bly.

The Mos­sel Bay Ho­me Ads News con­tacted both Pe­troSA, w­hom the pro­tes­ters list as the prin­ci­pal in t­his mat­ter, as well as Fee­dem Pits­eng for com­ment. At the ti­me of going to press no com­ment was re­cei­ved. A fol­low-up sto­ry will be pu­blis­hed in the Mos­sel Bay Ad­ver­ti­ser should com­ment be re­cei­ved.

Fai­zel Por­ter, the foun­der and ma­na­ger of the In­de­pen­dent Wor­kers’ Ad­vi­ce Cen­t­re, says wor­kers of Fee­dem Pits­eng ha­ve had their sa­la­ries u­ni­la­te­ral­ly s­las­hed.

Wor­kers say their sa­la­ries ha­ve been s­las­hed wit­hout any ne­go­ti­a­ti­ons ha­ving ta­ken pla­ce.

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