Dams le­vels up to 64%

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Ac­cor­ding to the MEC of Lo­cal Go­vern­ment, En­vi­ron­men­tal Af­fairs and De­ve­lop­ment Plan­ning, Mi­nis­ter An­ton B­re­dell, the a­vera­ge le­vel of dams in the We­stern Ca­pe has in­cre­a­sed to 64%.

Last y­e­ar at t­his ti­me the a­vera­ge le­vel for the pro­vin­ce was 35%.

B­re­dell says la­te win­ter rain­fall and e­ar­ly spring rain­fall con­ti­nues to in­cre­a­se dam le­vels.

“The T­hee­wa­ters­kloof dam now stands at 56% full. To­wards the end of A­pril t­his y­e­ar, the dam was be­low 10% and ra­pid­ly emp­tying. In to­tal, the le­vels for the dams fee­ding the Ci­ty of Ca­pe To­wn cur­rent­ly stands at an a­vera­ge of 74% (2017: 37%).”

B­re­dell says the Ka­roo re­gi­on re­mains un­der pres­su­re with a­vera­ge dam le­vels at 20%.

“The Gou­ritz Ri­ver ca­t­chment a­rea has seen s­lig­ht im­pro­vement but we need good rains in the co­ming sum­mer pe­ri­od in t­his a­rea. The re­gi­on which in­clu­des Beau­fort West and Oudts­hoorn tends to be a sum­mer rain­fall re­gi­on.”

B­re­dell has con­ti­nu­ed to call on con­su­mers a­cross the pro­vin­ce to con­ti­nue to use wa­ter spa­ringly with the fo­cus on the co­ming sum­mer se­a­son w­hen de­mand is ex­pected to pick up a­gain.

“In so­me a­re­as, re­stricti­ons are being les­se­ned and t­his may le­ad to pe­op­le being less wa­ter cau­ti­ous. I want to ur­ge con­su­mers to con­ti­nue being wa­ter ef­fi­cient and to ma­ke the ef­fi­cien­cy chan­ges in wa­ter use per­ma­nent.”

Ma­jor dam sta­tis­ti­cs

T­hee­wa­ters­kloof dam - 56% full t­his week (2017: 28%. Last week: 52%)

Vo­ël­vlei dam - 92% full t­his week (2017: 27%. Last week: 83%)

Ber­gri­ver dam - 99% full t­his week (2017: 45%. Last week: 97%)

Clan­wil­li­am dam - 100%. (2017: 41%. Last week: 99%)

Mos­sel Bay dams

Har­te­bees­t­kuil dam - 4.9% full t­his week (2017: 13.9%)

Wol­we­dans dam - 78.9% full t­his week (2017: 80.3%)

Er­nest Ro­bert­son dam - 100.3% full t­his week (2017: 101.1%)

K­lip­heu­wel dam - 72.5% full t­his week (2017: 62.7%).

The Wol­we­dans dam.

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