Pink fe­ver in Mos­sel Bay

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Pink fe­ver is spre­a­ding through the coun­try and it has al­so hit Mos­sel Bay.

On Tu­es­day the rai­ling a­round the Ca­pe St Blai­ze lig­ht­hou­se was tur­ned in­to a pink ha­ze and trees and po­les in to­wn will fol­low short­ly. The pro­ject is part of the Pink Trees for Pau­li­ne (PTFP) 2018 cam­paign to rai­se funds and a­wa­re­ness for all kinds of can­cer and to im­pro­ve the li­ves of pe­op­le li­ving with can­cer and their fa­mi­lies.

In 2017 mo­re than 140 towns na­ti­on­wi­de we­re in­vol­ved with the pro­ject. In the past four y­e­ars, mo­re than 150km of pink ma­te­ri­al we­re sold. Coun­try­wi­de the bu­si­ness sec­tor has re­al­ly em­bra­ced t­his i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve on all le­vels. Du­ring 2017 the pro­ject was exe­cu­ted on an e­ven big­ger sca­le in as­so­ci­a­ti­on with CANSA. By mo­bi­li­sing all CANSA re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves the pro­ject was a­ble to re­ach e­ven mo­re can­cer com­mu­ni­ties.

Per­mis­si­on has been gran­ted by the Mos­sel Bay Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty for the pink ra­ge to em­bra­ce the to­wn. In­di­vi­du­als can either buy ma­te­ri­al at R25 per me­ter plus a me­dal­li­on at R10 or spon­sor a tree or po­le for R50.

On Tu­es­day the ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of PTFP, A­dri van Nieu­wen­hui­zen joi­ned the Mos­sel Bay coor­di­na­tor, An­ne­mie Koen (Koen Cy­cles) and sup­por­ter S­hir­ley S­chmidt, di­rec­tor of A­fris­ho­re (who spon­so­red the ma­te­ri­al) to co­ver the rails.

S­hir­ley chal­len­ges ot­her bu­si­nes­ses to al­so co­me to the par­ty and to spon­sor ma­te­ri­al at R25 a me­ter and R10 a me­dal­li­on or to spon­sor a po­le or tree for R50. The lat­ter in­clu­des a wooden me­dal­li­on with the PTFP lo­go and a pla­ce to add the na­me of a lo­ved one who is batt­ling can­cer or so­meo­ne that lost their batt­le a­gainst can­cer.

A new i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve t­his y­e­ar is the #doek­wit­ha­dif­fe­ren­ce WRAPPED IN CO­LOUR, U­NI­TED IN HO­PE. PTFP and Cansa are ta­king the cam­paign to the pe­op­le of South A­fri­ca’s he­ads. Beau­ti­ful pink and g­reen pie­ces of ma­te­ri­al, e­ach with a s­pe­ci­al brooch to fi­nish it off, are a­vai­la­ble at R70. Lo­se your he­ad on t­his one and buy so­me for your staff or for your­self.

PTFP is the first i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve of its kind. For the first ti­me in South A­fri­ca, va­ri­ous re­gis­te­red can­cer or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons work to­get­her to rai­se funds for their spe­ci­fic com­mu­ni­ties. The most im­por­tant fact that dif­fe­ren­ti­a­tes PTFP from all ot­her can­cer or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons is that the mo­ney rai­sed in a to­wn MUST be al­lo­ca­ted to the can­cer com­mu­ni­ty within that to­wn;

The pe­op­le of South A­fri­ca has ta­ken o­w­ners­hip of the pro­ject be­cau­se it is a u­ni­que way to rai­se a­wa­re­ness and funds. Pe­op­le com­mit to the pro­ject be­cau­se they see first-hand that the funds they rai­se stay within their to­wn.

Du­ring the 2017 Dri­ve, the pro­ject was do­ne in ±140 towns with an es­ti­ma­ted po­pu­la­ti­on of 4 464 410 of which mo­re than 75% are pre­vi­ous­ly dis­ad­van­ta­ged.

An es­ti­ma­ted 13 242 pe­op­le be­ne­fi­ted from the 2017 cam­paign and PTFP es­ti­ma­te that ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly 15 000 pe­op­le will be­ne­fit from the 2018 cam­paign as ma­ny mo­re towns joi­ned the i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve. The ma­te­ri­al u­sed to wrap trees du­ring 2017 was ta­ken do­wn at the end of No­vem­ber 2017 and was u­ti­li­zed in va­ri­ous practi­cal ways i.e. do­na­ted to cha­ri­ties and so­me towns we­a­ved hats, hand­bags and pla­ce­mats which we­re sold to rai­se e­ven mo­re funds.

Think pink and help ma­ke Mos­sel Bay an ex­am­ple for PTFP. Ma­te­ri­al, me­dal­li­ons and #doek­wit­ha­dif­fe­ren­ce are a­vai­la­ble from An­ne­mie Koen Cy­cles in Voor­baai (073 171 6933) or De­ni­se Lloyd at See­s­ig Mo­tors (084 444 5873).

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on re­gar­ding the pro­ject ple­a­se vi­sit­

‘n Huis vir per­so­ne met ge­stremd­he­de is be­skik­baar ge­maak in Alp­hastraat Mos­sel­baai om by­stand te bied.

Hier­die huis is die eer­ste van sy soort in die gro­ter Mos­sel­baai-a­rea.

Die huis bied in­wo­ning en ‘n dag­s­org­fa­si­li­teit waar werk­skep­ping en vaar­dig­heids­ont­wik­ke­ling (arts and crafts) ont­wik­kel word.

Die ACVV Ke­na­ni se huis vir per­so­ne met ge­stremd­he­de het reeds in­trek­kers, maar het nog plek­ke be­skik­baar vir self­ver­sor­gen­de, vol­was­se, ge­strem­de mans.

Vir e­ni­ge na­vrae kon­tak, Su­san Bos­hoff, die be­stuur­der van die ACVV Ke­na­ni (044 690 3794).

Die G­len­wood Hou­se ma­rim­ba-or­kes.

Last week the rai­ling a­round the Ca­pe St Blai­ze lig­ht­hou­se was tur­ned in­to a pink ha­ze.

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