Ge­ne­rous gi­ving at Paws Run

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The Gar­den Rou­te chap­ter of the U­lys­ses Mo­tor­cy­cle Club ga­ve ge­ne­rous­ly to the SPCA du­ring its an­nu­al Paws Run, which took pla­ce on Sun­day, 23 Sep­tem­ber in Mos­sel Bay.

Gar­den Rou­te SPCA Mos­sel Bay branch staff, Mi­chel­le Bor­n­man Du­rant and Ru­an­lie Oost­hui­zen, we­re de­lig­h­ted to re­cei­ve a cash do­na­ti­on and pet food from the bi­kers.

Han­do­vers we­re do­ne at the Lan­ge­berg Mall and the bi­kers en­joy­ed so­ci­a­li­sing and braai­ing at the Mos­sel Bay Yacht and Bo­at Club.

A to­tal of R5 320 in cash was han­ded to the SPCA. T­his was col­lected from lucky draw tic­ket sa­les and the sale of bad­ges.

Al­so han­ded o­ver at the yacht club was an e­lec­tric w­heel­chair. The be­ne­fi­ci­a­ry is an am­pu­tee.

Be­fo­re the W­ha­le Ral­ly which took pla­ce e­ar­lier t­his y­e­ar, he had ex­pres­sed the wish to co­me to the W­ha­le Ral­ly.

Mi­ke Wil­bra­ham of Sed­ge­field ar­ran­ged that the ral­ly ent­hu­si­ast, Or­lan­do "Dut­chie" A­ve­li­no, and his wi­fe Jo­an we­re fe­t­ched and ta­ken to the W­ha­le Ral­ly at Har­ten­bos so they could en­joy it.

W­hen Dut­chie ex­pres­sed the wish for an e­lec­tric w­heel­chair, an im­promp­tu col­lecti­on was do­ne at the W­ha­le Ral­ly and R1 000 pre­sen­ted to him. Guns and Ro­ses bi­ker club mem­bers from Ge­or­ge do­na­ted a w­heel­chair which nee­ded mo­der­ni­sing. A­gain, mo­re mo­ney was col­lected for the mo­der­ni­sa­ti­on.

Gun and Ro­ses and U­lys­ses Gar­den Rou­te both han­ded the w­heel­chair o­ver.

Dut­chie said with de­lig­ht: "To me 24 Sep­tem­ber will be F­ree­dom Day from now on." He suf­fers from Bu­er­ger's di­se­a­se.

Ac­cor­ding to the Ma­yo Cli­nic web­si­te, the di­se­a­se af­fects the ar­te­ries and veins in the arms and legs. The b­lood ves­sels be­co­me swol­len and can be­co­me bloc­ked with b­lood clots. T­his e­ven­tu­al­ly da­ma­ges or de­stroys skin tis­su­es and may le­ad to in­fecti­on and gan­gre­ne.

P­ho­tos: G­rey S­top­forth

Ru­an­lie Oost­hui­zen and Mi­chel­le Bor­n­man Du­rant of the SPCA we­re ple­a­sed to re­cei­ve the mu­chnee­ded do­na­ti­ons of pet food.

The bi­kers en­joy­ed a war­ming cup of cof­fee at the mall.

U­lys­ses Gar­den Rou­te pre­si­dent Ed­die Bos­hoff with the SPCA’s Ru­an­lie Oost­hui­zen and Mi­chel­le Bor­n­man Du­rant.

Jo­han Vi­sa­gie with litt­le Yu­ki. They we­re at the Lan­ge­berg Mall to do­na­te pet food to the SPCA.

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