O­pen let­ter to mi­nis­ter of E­du­ca­ti­on on s­chool sa­fe­ty

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ICOSA pro­vin­ci­al chair­man Da­wid Kam­fer wri­tes:

I would li­ke to draw at­ten­ti­on to the bad, unsa­fe con­di­ti­ons of our te­a­chers and le­ar­ners in the We­stern Ca­pe S­chools, pre­do­mi­nant­ly the so-cal­led co­lou­red s­chools.

We, as the In­de­pen­dent Ci­vic Or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on of South A­fri­ca (ICOSA), would li­ke to ma­ke an ur­gent ap­pe­al to the We­stern Ca­pe De­part­ment of Ba­sic E­du­ca­ti­on Mi­nis­ter Mrs D S­cha­fer to re­al­ly step up now and put struc­tu­res in pla­ce to pro­tect le­ar­ners and e­du­ca­tors in our s­chools a­cross the We­stern Ca­pe.

We as ICOSA are the cus­to­di­ans in the We­stern Ca­pe to keep the go­vern­ment ac­coun­ta­ble and to en­s­u­re that the c­hild­ren and te­a­chers are sa­fe and it is your man­da­te to en­s­u­re the sa­fe­ty of te­a­chers and pu­pils.

The e­du­ca­ti­on bud­get has a Sa­fe S­chool pro­gram­me that we as tax­pay­ers en­s­u­re, so that we bud­get for the sa­fe­ty of our e­du­ca­tors and pu­pils in our s­chool.

We as ICOSA could not un­der­stand why the pro­vin­ci­al go­vern­ment did not put any sa­fe­ty me­a­su­res in pla­ce in our s­chools and you ha­ve a Sa­fe S­chools bud­get.

The pro­vin­ci­al E­du­ca­ti­on De­part­ment did see the t­rend of vi­o­len­ce in our s­chools and e­very ti­me w­hen the­se ca­ses go vi­ral on so­ci­al me­dia and in the news­pa­per the spo­kes­per­son of your de­part­ment speaks of me­a­su­res that will be put in pla­ce but in re­a­li­ty, no­thing hap­pe­ned.

We as ICOSA strongly con­demn the way t­his de­part­ment and t­his pro­vin­ci­al go­vern­ment en­s­u­re the sa­fe­ty of our e­du­ca­tors and le­ar­ners in our s­chool in the We­stern Ca­pe.

We re­com­men­ded the fol­lo­wing:

1. Me­tal de­tec­tors at s­chool and e­lec­tro­nic en­tran­ce points, as is the ca­se at our li­bra­ries.

2. S­chool se­cu­ri­ty guards, not on­ly du­ring s­chool, but du­ring wee­kends and s­chool ho­li­days to curb van­da­lism.

3. Vi­si­ble po­li­cing and a­larm sy­s­tems at s­chools. W­hen gangs en­ter s­chools the a­larm must be lin­ked with the po­li­ce sta­ti­on for quick re­spon­se.

4. To in­vol­ve com­mu­ni­ties and im­ple­ment s­chool bus pro­gram­mes and work with the lo­cal com­mu­ni­ty po­li­cing fo­rum in com­mu­ni­ties.

We as ICOSA want the mi­nis­ter to re­al­ly see t­his mat­ter as ur­gent. We can­not al­low our te­a­chers and c­hild­ren to die in a pla­ce w­he­re they are sup­po­sed to be sa­fe and pro­tected.

The new can­di­da­te for pre­mier, Alan Win­de pro­mi­ses mo­re sa­fe­ty w­hen he be­co­mes pre­mier. He must ma­ke s­chool sa­fe­ty his top pri­o­ri­ty.

We as ICOSA want to see a Sa­fe S­chools plan rol­led out as soon as pos­si­ble. The old s­chool sa­fe­ty plan is not ef­fecti­ve.

We will mo­ni­tor the sa­fe­ty pro­gram­mes in our s­chools and will keep you and your mi­ni­stry ac­coun­ta­ble.

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