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Ni­ne so­lar cars ha­ve been cha­sing the sun on South A­fri­ca’s be­st ro­ads and al­so paid a vi­sit to Mos­sel Bay at the Lan­ge­berg Mall on F­ri­day, 28 Sep­tem­ber. They star­ted in P­re­to­ria on 22 Sep­tem­ber and the top te­ams ha­ve com­ple­ted mo­re than 3 500 km.

Te­ams co­me from SA, S­wit­zer­land, Ja­pan, Hong Kong and The Net­her­lands.

The F­ri­day, 28 Sep­tem­ber rou­te from Sed­ge­field to S­wel­len­dam star­ted with storms and strong winds, which cle­a­red up by the ti­me the te­ams re­a­ched Mos­sel Bay but ma­de for a tough first sta­ge.

With a fi­nal push to get the most dis­tan­ce pos­si­ble, both front-run­ners from the Net­her­lands and Ja­pan sa­cri­fi­ced ti­me for dis­tan­ce.

C­hoo­sing to do ex­tra laps of the rou­te ro­ad that would see them cross the fi­nish li­ne la­te, To­kai and Nu­on in­cur­red start ti­me pen­al­ties and star­ted se­venth and eig­hth re­specti­ve­ly.

S­wiss te­am So­lar E­ner­gy Ra­cers look well poi­sed to ta­ke thi­rd pla­ce. Af­ter an im­pres­si­ve dis­play of re­si­lien­ce, the te­am we­re on the ro­ad despi­te sus­tai­ning da­ma­ge e­ar­lier in the chal­len­ge, and ha­ve tra­vel­led just mo­re than 2 240km.

In the chal­len­ge for fourth pla­ce, SA’s Tshwa­ne U­ni­ver­si­ty of Techno­lo­gy and North-West U­ni­ver­si­ty are batt­ling it out a­gainst e­ach ot­her.

P­ho­tos: Wal­do S­wie­gers

Dutch car Nu­na 9s ma­kes her way out of the pit­stop at Mos­sel Bay’s Lan­ge­berg Mall on day se­ven of the Sa­sol So­lar Chal­len­ge. By this ti­me, the highly-ad­van­ced car, cur­rent­ly the Wor­ld C­ham­pi­on in so­lar ra­cing, had do­ne 3 000km on SA ro­ads.

The South A­fri­can high school te­am, Son­ke Siy­a­ku­de, works on their car at Lan­ge­berg Mall. Son­ke is a te­am of bra­ve le­ar­ners a­ged 13 to 17 from two P­re­to­ria schools. An a­lum­nus and his 61-y­e­ar-old ra­cing dri­ver mom pi­lo­ted the ho­me­built car through the coun­try, and they did a full 656,9km, be­a­ting two South A­fri­can u­ni­ver­si­ties.

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