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First class box­ing is on the cards du­ring the Mos­sel Bay S­port and Re­cre­a­ti­on Fe­s­ti­val.

On Sa­tur­day, 13 Oc­to­ber two pro­mi­sing boxers from Mos­sel Bay - Bu­le­la­ni N­gon­de­ka and M­bu­le­lo Gu­bu­la - who both tur­ned pro­fes­si­o­nal e­ar­ly this y­e­ar, will s­how their ta­lent in front of their ho­me cro­wd.

P­let­ten­berg Bay boxer U­na­thi "Gol­den Boy" Mnd­wa­na will fig­ht for the va­cant We­stern Ca­pe ju­ni­or ban­tam­weig­ht tit­le a­gainst N­tan­do­zo D­li­wa­ko from Ca­pe Town. The cur­rent We­stern Ca­pe ju­ni­or fly­weig­ht c­ham­pi­on N­wa­bi­si­le Co­la­ni will al­so fe­a­tu­re on the bill.

Well-kno­wn box­ing pro­mo­tor and coor­ga­ni­ser Da­vid Faas said, "I'm ex­tre­me­ly ex­ci­ted a­bout the fort­hco­ming tou­r­na­ment and in­vi­te fans and as­pi­ring boxers from as far e­ast as the T­sitsi­kam­ma to or­ga­ni­se their trans­port and ot­her ar­ran­ge­ments in good ti­me.

"Com­pa­nies are ur­ged to buy tic­kets for their em­ploy­ees. The bouts on 13 Oc­to­ber will be a re­buil­ding pro­cess to c­lo­se the gap that was left by the la­te Mos­sel Bay box­ing pro­mo­ter Ter­ren­ce Ma­je­ke N­dan­da."

Faas ad­ded that sin­ce N­dan­da’s pas­sing, box­ing had not fe­a­tu­red much on the Gar­den Rou­te spor­ting ca­len­dar. "W­ha­te­ver you do, don’t miss next Sa­tur­day’s Box­ing Ex­plo­si­on, which will fe­a­tu­re the big­ge­st clas­hes in the squa­re ring to be seen in the a­rea in mont­hs."

The acti­on ta­kes pla­ce at I­mek­ha­ya P­ri­ma­ry School from 18:00 and ad­mis­si­on is R50 a he­ad.

Call Faas (064 057 1459) to en­qui­re a­bout tic­kets or for spon­sors­hip in­for­ma­ti­on and con­tact the Mos­sel Bay boxers’ ma­na­ger and trai­ner, P­hil­lip Good­ger (083 575 7571 or p­hil­lip@ti­ger­ if you can help with kit.

Mos­sel Bay boxers Bu­le­la­ni N­gon­de­ka (left) and M­bu­le­lo Gu­bu­la will go he­ad to glo­ve in their first bouts as pro­fes­si­o­nals on 13 Oc­to­ber. At the back are (from left) trai­ner/ma­na­ger P­hil­lip Good­ger, trai­ners Sim­pi­we Qa­tu and Mn­ce­di­si N­qe­ke­za, trai­ner and for­mer WBF in­ter­na­ti­o­nal midd­le­weig­ht champ Xo­la­ni N­gemn­tu and box­ing pro­mo­ter Da­vid Faas.

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