Run­ning 250km to help a friend

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Mos­sel Bay re­si­dent Na­dia Arndt has been part of the te­am that has been or­ga­ni­sing the KAEM (Ka­la­ha­ri Augra­bies Ex­tre­me Ma­ra­thon) for 19 y­e­ars.

This y­e­ar, ho­we­ver, she has en­te­red to run the ra­ce to dis­co­ver w­hat it is li­ke to ac­tu­al­ly run it as well as to help a very spe­ci­al friend.

The e­vent starts on 20 Oc­to­ber and can be fol­lo­wed by log­ging on­to the web­si­te www. and from the­re lin­king to the Fa­ce­book pa­ge for li­ve up­da­tes.

The KAEM ta­kes pla­ce o­ver se­ven days and o­ver a dis­tan­ce of 250km in the Ka­la­ha­ri De­sert ne­ar the Augra­bies Falls and the Oran­ge Ri­ver.

Day tem­pe­ra­tu­res can re­ach 40C and it can drop to be­low 5C at nig­ht, pre­sen­ting daun­ting chal­len­ges to the ex­tre­me athle­tes.

They ha­ve to car­ry com­pul­so­ry e­quip­ment, food, clo­thing and a sleep­ing bag for the du­ra­ti­on of the e­vent and the or­ga­ni­sers sup­ply o­ver­nig­ht camps, wa­ter and me­di­cal back-up.

C­heck­points are at e­very eig­ht to 10km to look af­ter and as­sist the en­trants.

Na­dia's in­spi­ra­ti­on to ac­tu­al­ly run the ra­ce ca­me from her hus­band Es­tien­ne, who lost his foot in a mo­tor­bi­ke ac­ci­dent in 1988. To­day he li­ves li­fe to the full as the re­sult of the mas­si­ve dif­fe­ren­ce prost­he­ti­cs ha­ve ma­de in his li­fe. Un­for­tu­na­te­ly, the cost of run­ning prost­he­ti­cs is exor­bi­tant.

Na­dia got to know Da­ve W­rig­ht, who is 69 y­e­ars old and lost his leg in a mo­tor­bi­ke ac­ci­dent. Da­ve has a­chie­ved the mi­les­to­ne of run­ning 150 par­k­runs, u­sing an e­ver­y­day prost­he­sis. With the as­sis­tan­ce of Es­tien­ne’s prost­he­tist and long-ti­me friend, Al­lan Oa­tes, a spe­ci­fi­cal­ly de­sig­ned prost­he­sis will be ma­de for Da­ve. Funds to do this are rai­sed through Backa­bud­dy www. backa­bud­­pi­on/pro­ject/ka­em250km-for-a-leg)

Na­dia as­ks: “Ho­we­ver big or small, ple­a­se sup­port my cam­paign to rai­se the funds nee­ded for Da­ve’s run­ning prost­he­sis. See you in the de­sert.”

Es­tien­ne and Na­dia Arndt with (left) Da­ve W­rig­ht.

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