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This week we as­ked pe­op­le if they ha­ve any ad­vi­ce for ma­tri­cu­lants, who wri­te the first of their fi­nal ex­a­mi­na­ti­ons on Mon­day, 15 Oc­to­ber.

In­ter­views, p­ho­tos: Lin­da S­parg MALWANDE MOSE: “They must gi­ve them­sel­ves e­nough ti­me and don’t put them­sel­ves un­der pres­su­re. If they gym or jog, con­ti­nue to do so, but don’t f­or­get to stu­dy. They don’t want to ha­ve re­grets, so they must do their be­st.”

MAYLENE DE WAAL: “They need to go back to w­hat God’s o­ri­gi­nal pur­po­se is for them and look to Him for wis­dom and un­der­stan­ding. He will o­pen doors that no one el­se can. That is the fu­tu­re for our youth. The wor­ld sy­stem fails, but God will ne­ver fail us.” MORNÉ STUURMAN: “Hul­le moet ge­noeg rus en vars lug kry en ont­hou dat niks on­moont­lik is nie.”

DITABA THOLE: “T­hings are much bet­ter for ma­tri­cs now than in my day. They ha­ve e­ver­y­thing. We u­sed to suf­fer. They should stu­dy hard, in groups, so they can re­ach their go­als. I think stu­dying with ot­hers is ef­fecti­ve.” GERRIE PIETERSE: “Ma­trieks moet se­ker wees van wat hul­le een­dag wil doen en wees. Baie doen iets waar­voor hul­le nie lief is nie en hul­le mors tyd waar­mee hul­le iets re­le­vant kon ge­doen het.”

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