Oys­ter­ca­t­cher Trail Run

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The fa­mous Oys­ter­ca­t­cher hi­king trail a­gain play­ed host to the an­nu­al two- and three-day Oys­ter­ca­t­cher Trail Runs.

The e­vents aim to not on­ly pro­vi­de trail run­ners with an en­joy­a­ble and chal­len­ging rou­te but to al­so e­du­ca­te par­ti­ci­pants a­bout South A­fri­ca’s fra­gi­le na­tu­ral en­vi­ron­ment.

The 2018 e­di­ti­on of this e­vent a­gain stret­ched o­ver two wee­kends, with the three­d­ay run ta­king pla­ce o­ver the He­ri­ta­ge Day wee­kend and the two-day op­ti­on o­ver the wee­kend of 29 to 30 Sep­tem­ber.

The two runs we­re i­den­ti­cal ex­cept for the three-day e­vent’s ex­tra day that co­ve­r­ed 16km from the Gou­rikwa Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve to the Eco Ma­ri­ne Lod­ge.

The o­ver­all top 10 po­si­ti­ons:

1. Ian Kent (mas­ters men) – 04:42:59

2. S­te­ven Aron­son (o­pen men) – 04:52:02

3. Car­ly Kent (ve­te­ran wo­men) – 05:24:39

4. Mit­sie van der West­hui­zen (ve­te­ran wo­men) – 05:27:06

5. Wes­sel K­rit­zin­ger (ve­te­ran men) – 05:50:45

6. Be­ni­ta K­rit­zin­ger (ve­te­ran wo­men) – 05:50:46

7. Ni­co­let­te Brou­wer (mas­ters wo­men) – 05:51:09

8. Craig For­bes (ve­te­ran men) – 05:57:30

9. Wil­lem Klop­per (o­pen men) – 06:07:56

10. Su­zan­na Win­ter (mas­ters wo­men) – 06:14:05

The two-day e­vent, which took pla­ce on the se­cond wee­kend, was do­mi­na­ted by the wo­men, who ma­de up mo­re than 70% of the run­ners.

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