Wed­ding bliss at spe­ci­al ser­vi­ce for Mi­chel­le

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A quaint church in the he­art of Ri­vers­da­le was ho­me to an ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly beau­ti­ful and e­mo­ti­o­nal­ly lo­a­ded ser­mon w­hen the

Mos­sel Bay Ad­ver­ti­ser’s own Mi­chel­le Coet­zee pro­mi­sed to be the best wi­fe Art­hur Rey­ne­ke could e­ver wish for.

The stun­ning look­ing

Mi­chel­le could not keep her ey­es off her hand­so­me hus­band-to­be and the spe­ci­al bond be­t­ween the two was e­vi­dent from the mo­ment she step­ped in­to the church on the arm of her fat­her, Al­tus.

Mi­chel­le op­ted for a clas­si­cal d­ress that com­ple­men­ted her fi­gu­re and a very in­for­mal hair­sty­le.

Her blue ey­es sho­ne li­ke di­a­monds and her flashing smi­le was in a­bun­dan­ce.

The on­ly sad e­le­ment to this wed­ding was the lo­ne­ly cand­le bur­ning on the al­tar - a tri­bu­te to her grand­fat­her Pe­ter Rudd, who pas­sed a­way e­ar­lier this y­e­ar.

The Rudd fa­mi­ly has ma­de the Ang­li­can

Church their own. Pe­ter’s wi­fe Ruth and her 10 si­blings grew up in the church and their four daug­h­ters Joy­ce, S­hir­ley (Mi­chel­le’s mom), Pen­ny and Dot we­re all mar­ried in this church. The on­ly son, Ralph, was mar­ried el­se­w­he­re. The church is al­so w­he­re they had paid their last re­spects to grand­pa Pe­ter.

The Rey­ne­kes we­re the­re­fo­re the fifth cou­ple in this fa­mi­ly to mar­ry in this church. Mi­chel­le, who is ex­tre­me­ly sen­ti­men­tal, op­ted for the ring and do­ve cen­tre­pie­ce that was on the top lay­er of her grand­pa­rents’ wed­ding ca­ke 63 y­e­ars ago.

The k­ni­fe u­sed to cut the wed­ding ca­ke has al­so do­ne the rounds with the grand­pa­rents, the pa­rents and their si­blings and now the Rey­ne­kes. The pearls Mi­chel­le wo­re ca­me from her god­pa­rents, Ralph and Han­lie Rudd and the so­mething blue was tuc­ked in un­der her beau­ti­ful d­ress. Alt­hough the wind ho­w­led at top speed, no­thing could con­tain the bliss the Rey­ne­ke cou­ple and their gue­sts oozed.

The re­cep­ti­on was held at P­ri­ve­lis­tea, a ve­nue high on the hill o­ver­look­ing Jon­gens­fon­tein, a litt­le to­wn in Hes­se­qua that al­so has a spe­ci­al me­a­ning for the Rudd and Coet­zee fa­mi­lies.

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