E­ri­ka squad ma­kes its mark

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The E­ri­ka P­ri­ma­ry S­chool drill and mar­ching band was in­vi­ted to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the an­nu­al Mit­chell's Plain Mar­ching Band Com­pe­ti­ti­on, which took place on Sa­tur­day, 13 Oc­to­ber in We­strid­ge, Mit­chell's Plain, Ca­pe To­wn.

The e­vent is or­ga­ni­sed by the po­li­ce and aims to te­ach le­ar­ners self dis­ci­pli­ne, im­pro­ve their self con­fi­den­ce and build their self i­ma­ge. Ma­jor-ge­ne­ral Je­re­my Ve­a­ry of the Mit­chell's Plain Po­li­ce Clus­ter said that through acti­vi­ties such as the­se child­ren are en­coura­ged to stay a­way from d­rugs, gang­s­te­rism and cri­mi­nal acti­vi­ties.

S­chools from as far a­field as V­re­den­dal North, Port E­li­za­beth and P­let­ten­berg Bay al­so par­ti­ci­pa­ted. "Our le­ar­ners per­for­med in three ca­te­go­ries, na­me­ly grand march pass, exhi­bi­ti­on and best dres­sed. The E­ri­ka P­ri­ma­ry S­chool te­am, first-ti­me par­ti­ci­pants, per­for­med ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly well and we­re chee­red for loud­ly by the spec­ta­tors e­ach ti­me they took to the a­re­na," says Den­zil van Graan, prin­ci­pal of E­ri­ka P­ri­ma­ry.

The E­ri­ka P­ri­ma­ry S­chool drill and mar­ching band is re­al­ly going pla­ces.

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