A­wards gi­ven at s­port coun­cil meet­ing

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The E­den S­port Coun­cil hos­ted its an­nu­al mem­bers meet­ing on T­hurs­day, 25 Oc­to­ber in the Con­fe­ren­ce Hall, Ci­vic Cen­t­re, Ge­or­ge.

A to­tal of 38 fe­de­ra­ti­ons and 74 per­sons at­ten­ded.

The op­por­tu­ni­ty was gi­ven to mem­bers and ma­na­ge­ment to in­te­ract on mu­tu­al mat­ters. Mar­cel­le Mus­son, the We­stern Ca­pe ma­na­ger of the Na­ti­o­nal Lot­te­ries Com­mis­si­on, pre­sen­ted on the pro­ce­du­res of lot­to fun­ding spe­ci­fi­cal­ly of s­port clubs, s­port fe­de­ra­ti­ons, schools and s­port coun­cils.

As part of their vi­si­on of ho­nou­ring top per­for­man­ces, the s­port coun­cil em­bar­ked on the pro­ject of con­ti­nu­al­ly a­war­ding ac­co­la­des to s­port per­sons who ha­ve ex­cel­led beyond the nor­mal ex­pec­ta­ti­ons. The first of the chai­r­per­son's ac­co­la­des we­re pre­sen­ted at the mem­bers' meet­ing.

The first three re­ci­pients we­re:

El­ma Da­vis (E­den Bo­wls) for win­ning the SA Mas­ters La­dies' C­ham­pi­ons­hips

Bil­ly Rad­loff (E­den Bo­wls) for win­ning the SA Mas­ters Men's C­ham­pi­ons­hips

Min­ke Jan­se van Rens­burg (S­wim­ming S­port for Spe­ci­al Needs) for her me­te­o­ric ri­se and for set­ting a num­ber of SA, A­fri­ca and wor­ld re­cords.

The We­stern S­port P­ho­to­grap­her of the Y­e­ar A­ward was han­ded to Dei­d­re Cloe­te as she could not at­tend the e­vent in Ca­pe Town e­ar­lier.

W­hat ma­kes the per­for­man­ces of El­ma and Bil­ly so im­pres­si­ve is that they (and E­den Bo­wls) are the first e­ver bo­w­lers to bring back t­he­se tit­les to E­den. Des­mond S­peel­man, chair of the s­port coun­cil, pre­sen­ted the a­wards.

Two new co-op­ted mem­bers of the Ex­co we­re in­tro­du­ced - El­ma Da­vis (athle­tes' re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve) and Mi­chel­le Behrens (chair: co­lours com­mis­si­on). S­peel­man than­ked the out­going athle­tes' re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve, Kit­tie Ter­blan­che, for her un­sel­f­ish con­tri­bu­ti­on Des­mond S­peel­man han­ding o­ver the We­stern Ca­pe A­ward to Dei­d­re Cloe­te. to­wards s­port in E­den.

EDENSC has two fi­na­lis­ts for the SA S­port A­wards to be held on 11 No­vem­ber in Jo­han­nes­burg – Min­ke Jan­se van Rens­burg (S­port for Spe­ci­al Needs Per­sons) in the ca­te­go­ry of Ne­w­co­mer of the Y­e­ar and The Sur­fer Kids (the sur­fing NPO in Mos­sel Bay) in the ca­te­go­ry, Re­cre­a­ti­on S­port Bo­dy of the Y­e­ar.

In his re­port, Je­an Neeth­ling of the De­part­ment of Cul­tu­re and S­port (DCAS) men­ti­o­ned that 19 ma­jor e­vents fun­ded by DCAS we­re hos­ted in E­den.

The chair u­ne­qui­vo­cal­ly sta­ted that the of­fi­ci­al na­me of E­den S­port Coun­cil will not be af­fected by the new na­me of the Gar­den Rou­te Dis­trict Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty at pre­sent.The E­den na­me re­pla­ced the SWD na­me four y­e­ars ago and the chan­ge­o­ver pro­cess was not e­ven fi­nis­hed yet.

For­ty-three of the 51 af­fi­li­a­ted fe­de­ra­ti­ons are functi­o­ning un­der the E­den na­me. Neeth­ling said: "The E­den S­port Coun­cil will meet with the Gar­den Rou­te Dis­trict Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty to dis­cuss the co-o­pe­ra­ti­on be­t­ween them.

"The fi­nan­ci­al po­si­ti­on at pre­sent is sta­ble and the af­fi­li­a­ti­on fee has been in­cre­a­sed to R600 from the 2019/20 fi­nan­ci­al y­e­ar, w­he­re­as the ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on is on a sound foot­ing."

Pe­op­le are in­vi­ted to vi­sit the web­si­te www.edensc.co.za - and al­so to find the la­test news on mem­bers' acti­vi­ties on their fa­ce­book pa­ge, E­den S­port Coun­cil.

Des­mond S­peel­man with Bil­ly Rad­loff and El­ma Da­vis.

Des­mond S­peel­man han­ding o­ver a cer­ti­fi­ca­te to Min­ke Jan­se van Rens­burg.

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