Re­du­ce ta­riffs for pen­si­o­ners, ACDP calls

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"Pen­si­o­ners are fee­ling the pinch of hig­her ta­riffs and the DA-led coun­cil is drag­ging its heels and not as­sis­ting all re­si­dents with re­gards to dis­counts and sub­si­dies."

T­his is the o­pi­ni­on of ACDP coun­cil­lor Je­a­net­te Gouws.

In a press sta­te­ment, Gouws said the ACDP was di­sap­poin­ted coun­cil had ma­de no at­tempt to as­sist pen­si­o­ners in Mos­sel Bay re­gar­ding u­n­af­for­da­ble ta­riffs and max­i­mi­sing the dis­counts and sub­si­dies t­hey re­cei­ved in the past.

Practi­ce con­flicts Act

Gouws said: "Re­si­dents who li­ve in com­plexes ha­ve seen their re­fu­se bill mo­re than dou­ble now that e­ach re­si­dent is char­ged a col­lecti­on fee for re­fu­se despi­te the fact that t­hey ta­ke their re­fu­se to a sin­gle col­lecti­on point.

“T­his con­flicts with the Mu­ni­ci­pal Sys­tems Act Secti­on 74 part 2 (b), which s­ta­tes that the a­mount in­di­vi­du­al u­sers pay for ser­vi­ces should ge­ne­ral­ly be in pro­por­ti­on to their use of that ser­vi­ce and is in ad­di­ti­on to the 15% hi­ke in pri­ce for all re­si­dents.

"W­hi­le the DA has un­der­ta­ken to con­tract a com­pa­ny to do a Cost of Sup­ply stu­dy, re­si­dents con­ti­nue to st­rug­gle from month to month with so­me re­si­dents sta­ting that t­hey would ha­ve to sell their ho­mes as it was be­co­ming u­n­af­for­da­ble to li­ve in Mos­sel Bay."

DA de­nied ACDP mo­ti­on

Gouws con­ti­nu­ed: "The ACDP mo­ti­on in coun­cil in Sep­tem­ber for ad­jus­t­ments to be ma­de to the ta­riffs was de­nied by the DA, which ci­ted that it was il­le­gal to re­du­ce ta­riffs in a fi­nan­ci­al y­e­ar.

"W­hi­le secti­on 28 of the MFMA part 6 s­ta­tes that tax and ta­riffs can­not be in­cre­a­sed du­ring a fi­nan­ci­al y­e­ar ex­cept w­hen re­qui­red in terms of a fi­nan­ci­al re­co­ve­ry plan it does not s­ta­te that ta­riffs can­not be re­du­ced.

"In Ju­ly t­his y­e­ar the DA-ed coun­cil ma­de a de­ci­si­on to re­du­ce the ta­riffs char­ged for gra­ves by sub­si­di­sing the ta­riff. Despi­te the pro­tes­ta­ti­ons from the DA, t­his can al­so be do­ne for the ap­pli­ca­ble ta­riffs, dis­counts and sub­si­dies spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for pen­si­o­ners. T­his has not been do­ne.

“Despi­te sup­port from ot­her par­ties the ACDP mo­ti­on was re­jected by the DA ma­jo­ri­ty," Gouws said.

‘T­his mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty is in a very he­althy fi­nan­ci­al po­si­ti­on. It is le­gal to re­du­ce ta­riffs du­ring a fi­nan­ci­al y­e­ar.’

Po­li­ti­cal will

"T­his mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty is in a very he­althy fi­nan­ci­al po­si­ti­on. It is le­gal to re­du­ce ta­riffs du­ring a fi­nan­ci­al y­e­ar. T­his has been de­mon­stra­ted by the re­ducti­on for ce­me­te­ry ta­riffs ear­lier t­his y­e­ar. W­hat is ne­ces­sa­ry is for the DA to find the po­li­ti­cal will to as­sist our pen­si­o­ners," Gouws con­clu­ded.

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