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C­hild Wel­fa­re in Mos­sel Bay is look­ing for the bi­o­lo­gi­cal fat­her of two mi­nor child­ren with the sur­na­me Ng­qeng­qe­za.

The bi­o­lo­gi­cal mot­her, Vuuyi­se­ka Ng­qeng­qe­za, is de­ce­a­sed.

She pas­sed a­way on 19 Ju­ne 2015. A­nyo­ne with in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout the w­he­re­a­bouts of the bi­o­lo­gi­cal fat­her, can con­tact the so­ci­al wor­ker, Ms N­ta­be­ni (044 6934764).

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