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Mos­sel Bay NSRI S­ta­ti­on 15 hos­ted a well-de­ser­ved functi­on for Ian Ha­mil­ton on T­hurs­day, 15 No­vem­ber 2018.

It was to ho­nour Ian, who was pi­vo­tal in star­ting ne­go­ti­a­ti­ons in 1969 to es­ta­blish a Sea Res­cue s­ta­ti­on for the gre­a­ter Mos­sel Bay a­rea.

Sin­ce the in­cep­ti­on of the Mos­sel Bay NSRI in May 1971, Ian has al­ways been part of the ma­na­ge­ment of the s­ta­ti­on and e­a­ger­ly kept e­ver­yo­ne on the rig­ht track.

Du­ring a ma­na­ge­ment meet­ing on 10 May 2018, Ian ta­bled his re­sig­na­ti­on from the ma­na­ge­ment te­am, one y­e­ar short of 50 y­e­ars sin­ce he so di­li­gent­ly star­ted the ball rol­ling. At the functi­on for Ian, An­dré Fra­ser, the s­ta­ti­on com­man­der, re­ad the let­ter from the NSRI CEO, Dr C­leeve Ro­bert­son, who wro­te: "I think it is ap­pro­pri­a­te to ex­press our most sin­ce­re thanks and best wis­hes as you step out of a li­fe­ti­me of ser­vi­ce to the ma­na­ge­ment com­mit­tee of S­ta­ti­on 15 Mos­sel Bay.

"You ha­ve tru­ly been and s­till are, an in­spi­ra­ti­on to all, and your hu­ma­ni­ty, pro­fes­si­o­na­lism and de­di­ca­ti­on is un­pa­ral­le­led, a sour­ce of g­re­at pri­de and ho­nour for the NSRI.

"You re­main a pil­lar of the NSRI fa­mi­ly and are al­ways wel­co­me in the In­s­ti­tu­te. From all of us in e­very nook of Sea Res­cue, ple­a­se accept a small gift as a to­ken of ap­pre­ci­a­ti­on and an ex­pres­si­on of our deep gra­ti­tu­de to you and your fa­mi­ly. "

Ian was re­cent­ly a­war­ded a pres­ti­gi­ous ac­co­la­de, but ti­me ne­ver al­lo­wed to ha­ve t­his of­fi­ci­al­ly pre­sen­ted to him.

T­his functi­on was thus u­sed to al­so pre­sent him the a­ward of Ho­no­ra­ry Li­fe Go­ver­nor, pre­sen­ted to "in­di­vi­du­als who ha­ve ma­de an ex­cep­ti­o­nal and out­stan­ding con­tri­bu­ti­on to the NSRI o­ver a num­ber of y­e­ars and who ha­ve mo­re to of­fer to the In­s­ti­tu­te in the fu­tu­re. Ho­no­ra­ry Li­fe Go­ver­nors should ha­ve ser­ved on the o­pe­ra­ti­ons or go­ver­nan­ce bo­ard un­less t­he­re are ot­her com­pel­ling re­a­sons for the in­di­vi­du­al to be in­clu­ded." Af­ter the a­wards we­re pre­sen­ted, Ian ad­dres­sed the crew and gue­sts in his e­ver-hum­ble way, saying it had al­ways been an ho­nour and pri­vi­le­ge to be part of the Mos­sel Bay NSRI and that he had al­ways and will al­ways see a g­re­at fu­tu­re for the or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on.

Ian al­so ma­de it cle­ar he is not re­ti­ring from the s­ta­ti­on and that he will s­till be as acti­ve­ly in­vol­ved as he pos­si­bly can.

A few of the crew and gue­sts had so­me sto­ries to tell and so­me his­to­ry was re-li­ved du­ring the so­ci­a­li­sing af­ter the for­ma­li­ties.

The crew of NSRI S­ta­ti­on 15 Mos­sel Bay with ma­na­ge­ment and friends af­ter the ce­re­mo­ny.

P­ho­tos: Ter­sia Marais

An­dré Fra­ser, Ian Ha­mil­ton and Hen­nie Nie­haus at the S­ta­ti­on 15 bo­at­hou­se that was na­med af­ter Ian.

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