Vo­lun­teers hel­ping victims of cri­me

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The Mos­sel Bay Com­mu­ni­ty Po­li­cing Forum, to­get­her with the Mos­sel Bay Po­li­ce S­ta­ti­on and the com­mu­ni­ty, are wor­king hard to ma­ke the re­si­dents of Mos­sel Bay feel sa­fe and pro­tected.

One of the pro­jects un­der way in the gre­a­ter Mos­sel Bay a­rea, is the VictimF­riend­ly Vo­lun­teer Pro­gram­me. T­his in­vol­ves mem­bers of the com­mu­ni­ty un­der­going trai­ning in or­der to as­sist victims of cri­me.

The vo­lun­teers then ma­ke them­sel­ves a­vai­la­ble to as­sist victims of cri­me and trau­ma, until pro­fes­si­o­nal ser­vi­ces are a­vai­la­ble to ta­ke o­ver.

The De­part­ment of Com­mu­ni­ty Sa­fe­ty re­cent­ly spon­so­red re­flecti­ve jac­kets for the Com­mu­ni­ty Po­li­cing Forum.

Mos­sel Bay Tou­rism furt­her as­sis­ted the te­am by spon­so­ring jac­kets for vo­lun­teers not li­ving within the Mos­sel Bay Po­li­ce S­ta­ti­on ju­ris­dicti­on. E­ver­yo­ne in the com­mu­ni­ty of Mos­sel Bay is en­coura­ged to get in­vol­ved and can con­tact the Mos­sel Bay Po­li­ce S­ta­ti­on for mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on at 044 606 2805.

He­re are the vo­lun­teers with their new re­flecti­ve jac­kets.

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