Point fourth in We­stern Ca­pe for b­lood do­na­ti­ons

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Point High S­chool ca­me fourth out of all the b­lood-do­na­ting schools in the We­stern Ca­pe this y­e­ar in terms of the num­ber of u­nits do­na­ted.

The s­chool do­na­ted 395 u­nits in 2018.

In a press re­le­a­se the We­stern Pro­vin­ce B­lood Trans­fu­si­on Ser­vi­ce (WPBTS) no­ted: "The need for b­lood and b­lood pro­ducts con­ti­nues to in­cre­a­se an­nu­al­ly and it is the­re­fo­re vi­tal to in­cre­a­se the acti­ve do­nor ba­se.

"The youth play a vi­tal ro­le in the sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty of the or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on, and that is why we f­or­ge good ties with e­du­ca­ti­o­nal in­sti­tu­ti­ons and set up b­lood do­na­ti­on cli­ni­cs at them. Cur­rent­ly, WPBTS has 117 b­lood do­na­ti­on cli­ni­cs at e­du­ca­ti­o­nal in­sti­tu­ti­ons in the We­stern Ca­pe, of which 94 are at high schools and 23 at ter­ti­a­ry in­sti­tu­ti­ons."

T­he­se are the top 10 schools in the We­stern Ca­pe, which do­na­ted the most u­nits of b­lood in 2018:

In 10th pla­ce is DF Ma­lan High in Bell­vil­le (294 u­nits for 2018), mo­ving all the way up from last y­e­ar’s 30th pla­ce.

Ninth pla­ce g­oes to HTS Bell­vil­le (304) and in eig­hth pla­ce is We­ster­ford High in Ne­w­lands (310).

Se­venth pla­ce g­oes to Li­vings­to­ne High in Cla­re­mont (313); sixth pla­ce to Ma­li­bu Se­con­da­ry in Blue Do­wns (337), mo­ving up from last y­e­ar’s 29th pla­ce; fifth pla­ce to Bell­vil­le High (378); and in fourth pla­ce is Point High in Mos­sel Bay (395).

HTS Drost­dy in Wor­ces­ter mo­ved back in­to thi­rd pla­ce from last y­e­ar’s fourth pla­ce, col­lecting 434 u­nits, 59 u­nits mo­re than in 2017.

Fish Hoek High al­so mo­ved up one po­si­ti­on in­to the of­fi­ci­al se­cond pla­ce, col­lecting 452 u­nits, 40 u­nits mo­re than the pre­vi­ous y­e­ar.

S­pi­ne Ro­ad High in Mit­chells Plain ca­me first for the se­cond y­e­ar in a row. It do­na­ted 537 u­nits of b­lood, in­cre­a­sing its a­mount by a stag­ge­ring 99 u­nits. It al­so had the most new do­nors, being 236.

"Well do­ne to all our schools. Thank you for your com­mit­ment," the b­lood ser­vi­ce said.

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on w­he­re to do­na­te, SMS “B­lood” to 33507 and WPBTS will call you back. Do­nors can al­so call 021 507 6300, e­mail in­[email protected] or vi­sit www. wp­b­lood.org.za.

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