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Cur­ro Mos­sel Bay ma­tric le­ar­ners a­chie­ved a 100% pass ra­te in the 2018 In­de­pen­dent Ex­a­mi­na­ti­on Bo­ard ex­am and 89% of the can­di­da­tes who wro­te the ex­ams re­cei­ved u­ni­ver­si­ty ad­mis­si­on.

Two le­ar­ners, La­ra van Rooy­en and Me­gan Bo­rain, a­chie­ved As and the­re we­re 33 dis­tincti­ons in to­tal.

C­hané T­heron, Hei­ke Ho­ting and Gus­tav Swart ma­ke up the ba­lan­ce of the top fi­ve. The top can­di­da­te, La­ra van Rooy­en, a­chie­ved eig­ht dis­tincti­ons. Her mark for Ad­van­ced Mat­hs was 95%. She is plan­ning to do her BSc de­gree so­mew­he­re in the U­ni­ted S­ta­tes. She has al­re­a­dy been ad­mit­ted to the U­ni­ver­si­ty of Mi­chi­gan and e­ven had a Ya­le in­ter­view. She is in the top 1% of IEB can­di­da­tes in four sub­jects na­ti­o­nal­ly.

Gus­tav Swart, who a­chie­ved four As, al­so re­cei­ved a spe­ci­al a­ward from Cur­ro for a­chie­ving ex­cel­lent marks alt­hough he went through trying ti­mes. Gus­tav, La­ra and Me­gan will tra­vel to Gau­teng la­ter this week to re­cei­ve their a­wards at Em­per­or's Pa­la­ce.

The top fi­ve Cur­ro Mos­sel Bay ma­tri­cs are Me­gan Bo­rain, La­ra van Rooy­en, Hei­ke Ho­ting, C­hané T­heron and Gus­tav Swart.

Pho­tos: Ter­sia Ma­rais

La­ra van Rooy­en a­chie­ved eig­ht dis­tincti­ons.

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