S­na­ke hu­ma­ne­ly cap­tu­red to be re­le­a­sed in veld

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Cat­her­i­ne Bell, wri­tes:

On a warm sun­ny day last week, as I was a­bout to walk in­to my gar­den to tend to a few cho­res, I stop­ped short as I saw a lar­ge s­na­ke di­sap­pea­ring in­to the wood­pi­le be­low our built-in braai.

Jud­ging by the si­ze and co­lour of the s­na­ke, I recko­ned it to be a Ca­pe co­bra. I then went on­li­ne and found that our lo­cal Fi­re De­part­ment is e­quip­ped to de­al with such an is­sue. I cal­led the num­ber and a Jo­na­than took all the in­for­ma­ti­on and within a short ti­me, two mem­bers of the Fi­re De­part­ment ar­ri­ved at our ho­me on the Golf E­sta­te with the ne­ces­sa­ry e­quip­ment to de­al with cap­tu­ring the s­na­ke. I poin­ted out to them w­he­re the s­na­ke had en­te­red the wood­pi­le and they pro­cee­ded to re­mo­ve the wood and quick­ly lo­ca­ted it. Within se­conds they had cap­tu­red the s­na­ke and sa­fely pla­ced it in a spe­ci­a­li­sed con­tai­ner for la­ter re­le­a­se in the veld. They con­fir­med it was in­deed a lar­ge Ca­pe co­bra. I am very gra­te­ful to Ma­ri­us Bar­nard and Losper Ge­or, the Fi­re De­part­ment te­am mem­bers who wor­ked so very calm­ly, ef­fi­cient­ly and pro­fes­si­o­nal­ly and thank them pro­fu­se­ly for hu­ma­ne­ly de­a­ling with our slit­hery vi­si­tor.

Een van die Mos­sel Bay Ad­ver­ti­ser se ge­reel­de me­de­wer­kers op die brie­we­blad, ds Gie­lie Jou­bert, het 'n oor­sig­te­li­ke ru­briek ge­skryf oor die Slag van Bloed­ri­vier. Ge­skie­de­nis­lief­heb­bers kan dit gaan lees op sy web­blad www.ds­gie­lie.net

Mem­bers of the Mos­sel Bay Fi­re and Di­sas­ter Ma­na­ge­ment Ser­vi­ces look­ing for the s­na­ke. INSET: Part of the Ca­pe co­bra pro­tru­ding from the wood­pi­le.

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