‘De­al with pro­blem pi­ge­ons hu­ma­ne­ly’

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The na­ti­o­nal SPCA has re­le­a­sed in­for­ma­ti­on re­gar­ding the con­t­rol of pro­blem pi­ge­ons.

The Spe­ci­al Pro­jects U­nit of the na­ti­o­nal SPCA ackno­w­led­ges that un­der cer­tain ci­r­cum­stan­ces, a­ni­mal con­t­rol may be re­qui­red, but it on­ly sup­ports the use of hu­ma­ne met­hods. The NSPCA does not sup­port met­hods of pest/pro­blem a­ni­mal ma­na­ge­ment that cau­se suf­fe­ring, pain, or dis­tress to any a­ni­mal. It re­com­mends the fol­lo­wing met­hods that will as­sist in in­hu­ma­ne­ly de­ter­ring pesky pi­ge­ons.

P­re­ven­ti­on: Al­ways main­tain good sa­ni­ta­ti­on practi­ces a­round your property i.e. re­mo­ve all rub­bish a­round the buil­dings; en­s­u­re that out­si­de g­ar­ba­ge bin lids are clo­sed pro­per­ly and that the­re is no access to food for bi­rds such as pet food bo­wls.

Vi­su­al de­ter­rents: Hang up shiny ob­jects such as CDs or sil­ver re­flecti­ve ta­pe; pla­ce li­fe-li­ke de­coys of pre­da­tors such as o­wls, eag­les, sna­kes, dogs and cats a­round the property - the­se can ap­pear as a thre­at to bi­rds. If pre­da­tor de­coys are u­sed, they need to be mo­ved a­round dai­ly to cre­a­te the il­lu­si­on that they are a­li­ve. Ot­her­wi­se, bi­rds will be­co­me fa­mi­li­ar with them.

Bi­rd spi­kes can be u­sed to de­ter bi­rds from per­ching, roos­ting or nes­ting in un­wan­ted a­re­as. Spi­kes are i­de­al for win­dow sills, pa­ra­pet walls, chim­neys, roof peaks, ai­r­con­di­ti­o­ning u­nits, gut­ters (spi­kes need to be rai­sed) and pi­pes.

Cre­a­te bar­riers with plas­tic or gal­va­ni­sed mesh w­he­re the bi­rds roost or nest and pre­vent access to gut­ters, chim­neys, en­try points to roofs and o­ver­hangs.

"Stretch wi­res" can be u­sed to de­ter bi­rds from per­ching in un­wan­ted a­re­as such as win­dow sills, roof peaks, rai­lings and roof be­ams.

En­s­u­re the wi­re is too thin for the bi­rds to land on. If you are u­na­ble to e­rect stretch wi­res, bi­rd slo­pes are i­de­al for led­ges and e­a­ves that ha­ve a 90 de­gree an­gle. Bi­rd slo­pes cre­a­te a slip­pe­ry slo­pe, ma­king it dif­fi­cult for bi­rds to land, thus pre­ven­ting bi­rds from per­ching, roos­ting or nes­ting in e­a­ves or led­ges.

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