An ex­cel­lent spor­ting y­e­ar

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Lo­cal ju­ni­or s­ports star, Linél En­gel­brecht, a le­ar­ner from Cur­ro Mos­sel Bay, fi­nis­hed the 2018 spor­ting se­a­son on a high no­te.

Af­ter win­ning the Ma­di­baz XCO Moun­tain Bi­ke se­ries con­vin­cingly, she com­pe­ted in the Jak­kals­vlei Ara­mex MTB Chal­len­ge in the chal­len­ging 40km dis­tan­ce.

At the pic­tu­resque ve­nue of hos­ts Jak­kals­vlei Wi­nes, par­ti­ci­pants we­re tre­a­ted to an ex­ci­ting day of ra­cing, a gre­at at­mos­p­he­re and fan­tas­tic food.

The e­vent has gro­wn in po­pu­la­ri­ty and is pos­si­bly one of, if not the be­st, of the or­ga­ni­sed ra­ces in the re­gi­on.

Linél set a blis­te­ring pace e­ar­ly on, on­ly to be caug­ht ne­ar the fi­nish.

The first fe­ma­le po­di­um spot went to Lie­zel Pre­to­ri­us, the se­cond to Linél and thi­rd to A­lis­sa Coet­zer.

The tri­athlon se­a­son is now in full swing and Linél has on­ce a­gain not di­sap­poin­ted by ta­king ra­ce wins in both le­a­gue e­vents hos­ted by the E­den Tri­athlon As­so­ci­a­ti­on at the Fai­ry K­no­we Ho­tel in Wil­der­ness.

She al­so com­pe­ted in the gru­el­ling Stan­dard Bank Iron­man 5150 Fun­tri e­vent held in Port E­li­za­beth. Out of a field of 79 fe­ma­le athle­tes, she fi­nis­hed se­cond Ju­ni­or Fe­ma­le and thi­rd Fe­ma­le O­ver­all.

The Fun­tri e­vent is a non-stop tri­athlon com­pri­sing a 400m o­pen wa­ter swim, a 20km cy­cle ti­me tri­al and fi­nis­hing off with a 5km run.

Par­ti­ci­pants found the cy­cle leg to be qui­te chal­len­ging, with pre­vai­ling strong winds that ham­pe­red all.

The past wee­kend, the E­den Cy­cling A­wards we­re held in Ge­or­ge. The a­wards are for the re­cog­ni­ti­on of cy­cling a­chie­vements in the E­den Dis­trict as well as the pre­sen­ta­ti­on of cy­cling co­lours.

Linél re­cei­ved E­den Co­lours for MTB XCO, MTB XCM, ho­nours for ro­ad cy­cling for win­ning the E­den ITT Cham­pi­ons­hips and ot­her ra­ces du­ring the Youth Cy­cling Fe­s­ti­val.

She was al­so a­war­ded Wes­tern Ca­pe co­lours for ro­ad cy­cling af­ter ha­ving won a bron­ze me­dal at the SA Ro­ad Cy­cling Cham­pi­ons­hips in the In­di­vi­du­al Ti­me Tri­al (ITT).

Linél's hard work, de­di­ca­ti­on and sa­cri­fi­ce su­re­ly ha­ve paid off.

Being an ex­tre­me­ly ta­len­ted mul­ti-sport athle­te with a plet­ho­ra of a­chie­vements for the y­e­ar, she was a­war­ded the co­ve­ted E­den Cy­cling Ju­ni­or S­port­s­wo­man of the Y­e­ar trop­hy for 2018.

Cap­tain Wol­lie Fou­rie was na­med S­ports­man of the Y­e­ar 2018 for his a­chie­vements in bo­wls. P­ho­to­grap­hed with him is sta­ti­on com­man­der, Col Mark Hart­zen­berg. INSET: R Jaf­ta was na­med S­port­s­wo­man of the Y­e­ar 2018 for her a­chie­vements in ka­ra­te.

Linél fi­nis­hing in se­cond pla­ce in the Jak­kals­vlei Ara­mex 40km MTB Chal­len­ge.

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