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1: a.0 b.1 c.3 6: a.0 b.1 c.3 2: a.0 b.1 c.2 7: a.1 b.2 c.3 3: a.1 b.3 c.2 8: a.1 b.3 c.2 4: a.1 b.2 c.3 9: a.3 b.2 c.1 5: a.3 b.2 c.1 10: a.3 b.2 c.1 Be­tween 0-10 You could never be de­scribed as a nag. If you ask your part­ner to do some­thing and they don’t carry it out, you rarely make the re­quest again. Giv­ing some­one a gen­tle re­minder a cou­ple of times doesn’t make you into a nag, it could be that he gen­uinely for­got. You need to learn to make your­self heard rather than worry about turn­ing into a nag.

Be­tween 11-20

You know when it’s the right time to nag and when it’s not. You don’t al­low the small things your man does to an­noy you. But once he steps out of line in a ma­jor way, you leave him in no un­cer­tainty as to where he’s go­ing wrong. Keep go­ing with this at­ti­tude and life will run smoothly for you.

Be­tween 21-30

You al­ways per­ster your part­ner and want ev­ery­thing to be done your way. If your part­ner doesn’t carry out a task im­me­di­ately after you ask him, you ha­rass and pester him un­til he gets the job done. Be care­ful be­cause what ex­ces­sive nag­ging does is cause the per­son who is be­ing ha­rassed to switch off and let the nag­ging go past him.

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