Are you A NAG?

Find out in this quiz if you pester your part­ner or if you are laid-back

Move! - - QUIZ - By Theresa Mur­phy

1 Your part­ner is spend­ing the week­end re-dec­o­rat­ing the hall­way, you ... A Stay out of his way. B Help with the work. C Su­per­vise to make sure he gets it right. 2 When your part­ner goes out for the evening with his friends, you ... A Pam­per your­self at home and give him time to en­joy him­self. B. Ask that he calls to let you know when he is com­ing home. C Want to know where he’s go­ing and with whom. 3 If you are mak­ing a jour­ney in the car to some­where nei­ther of you has been be­fore, you ... A Drive and let him read the map. B He drives and you stay silent un­til he gets lost and is forced to ask for di­rec­tions. C Pre­fer him to drive, while you read the map. 4 If you ask your part­ner to fix the wash­ing ma­chine and he for­gets, you ... A Pay some­one else to fix it. B Say noth­ing, but make a show of strug­gling with the laun­dry. C Re­mind him morn­ing, noon and night un­til he does the job. 5 If you are spend­ing the evening at a friend’s house and your part­ner is com­ing to col­lect you at 11pm, you ... A Call him sev­eral times dur­ing the evening to make sure he has not for­got­ten. B Call him at 10.45pm to check that he is on the way. C Re­mind him to pick you up on your way out. 6 If your part­ner drops his dirty clothes on the bath­room floor in­stead of putting them in the laun­dry bas­ket, what do you do? A Pick them up after him. B Leave his clothes there, un­washed, to teach him a les­son. C Point the of­fence out to him and in­sist he changes his ways. 7 When it comes to doing some house­hold chores, you ... A Do them with­out com­plain­ing. B Sug­gest to your man that he helps out.

C De­mand that he does his fair share. 8 You feel that your part­ner de­serves a pay rise at work. What do you do? A Leave it to him to choose the right time to ap­proach his boss. B Call your part­ner’s work and make an ap­point­ment for him with the boss. C Tell him that he has to ask about a raise be­fore the end of the week. 9 It’s your birth­day soon, you know ex­actly what gift you want from your man. What do you do? A Drag him to the shops and show him the gift you want. B Drop sub­tle hints. C Say noth­ing and hope that he knows what to get you. 10 Your man is over­weight and could do with ton­ing his body. How do you make sure that he does this? A Ban him from drinking beer and eat­ing snacks. B Point ath­letic men out to him and say you wish he was like them. C You wouldn’t pres­surise him.

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