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Can't af­ford new cosmetics this Jan­uary? Re­vive your cosmetics with th­ese home-made DIY reme­dies

Move! - - CONTENTS - By Alexis Tshangana

MOST peo­ple are broke in Jan­uary and can’t af­ford their usual cosmetics. We give you tips on how to save and get through the month.


Is your foun­da­tion al­most fin­ished? Sim­ply open the foun­da­tion bot­tle. Add two spoons of your face cream, mix to­gether and you will have enough foun­da­tion till month end.

Move! tip: Use a foun­da­tion brush rather than a sponge. A sponge soaks up too much foun­da­tion.


Shower gels can be a bit ex­pen­sive and they hap­pen to come in small size bot­tles. Buy a three litre bath gel and pour it into a smaller shower bot­tle. You can use it for both bathing and show­er­ing. In­stead of gel, you can also opt for the bar gel which you can buy


This is an im­port part of your skin main­te­nance, yet it can be­come costly. If you are run­ning out of lo­tion, you can use co­conut oil. Sim­ply leave it out the night be­fore so that it soft­ens. Co­conut has good hy­drat­ing prop­er­ties and also helps to re­move blem­ishes on the skin. Move! tip: Do not melt in the mi­crowave be­fore ap­ply­ing be­cause it might burn your skin.


The sun can cause dam­age on our skins over the sum­mer hol­i­days, es­pe­cially for those who spent time at the beach. This re­sults in the dis­coloura­tion and break­outs on the skin. One would then need a mask to help with such. For an easy, cheap and con­ve­nient mask, add two ta­ble­spoons of turmeric and co­conut oil to­gether and mix un­til it forms a paste. Ap­ply to the skin and leave for 30 min be­fore wash­ing it off. This will leave the skin clean, fresh and glow­ing. Re­peat twice a week for a month for best re­sults.

Move! tip: Use a glove when re­mov­ing the paste as turmeric tends to stain the hands and nails.


Are your lip­sticks near­ing the end? Do not throw it away. There is still plenty in there that can go a lit­tle longer. Scoop out the re­main­ing prod­uct. Add it to melted co­conut oil and place in a lip­stick or eye pal­ette. Let it set for a cou­ple of hours and then you can use a lip­stick brush to ap­ply. Move! tip: You can mix dif­fer­ent left­over colours to cre­ate your own unique colour.

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