There may be forces of good and evil at play in your life that you can­not see

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THOUGH we live in a nat­u­ral world, it might sur­prise you that the world is un­der the in­flu­ence of in­vis­i­ble forces and spir­its, good and bad. These forces de­ter­mine what hap­pens on earth, what peo­ple re­ceive and how far they can go. In the Bi­ble, John 3:2 says, “John an­swered and said, a man can re­ceive noth­ing, ex­cept it is given from heaven.”


There are things that are hap­pen­ing in the spir­i­tual realm that you can­not see with your nat­u­ral eyes and there are bat­tles that are fought in the spir­i­tual realm that you can only see with your spir­i­tual eyes.

So if you are guided and moved by what you can only see with your phys­i­cal eyes, you are like a walk­ing corpse. Your life could be in­flu­enced by good or bad, God’s spirit or the devil’s spir­its.

Your dream life is the spir­i­tual ther­mome­ter that points to the type of spirit that is in­volved in the af­fairs of your life. Dreams like eat­ing, be­ing im­pris­oned, run­ning er­rands, at­tend­ing strange meet­ings, hav­ing sex, em­bark­ing on end­less jour­neys, be­ing hand­cuffed or be­ing chained down while asleep are ev­i­dences of de­monic in­flu­ence upon your life.


An in­vis­i­ble barrier could be in the form of any of the fol­low­ing:

■ An in­vis­i­ble ob­sta­cle to your progress, heal­ing, de­liv­er­ance, pros­per­ity, break­throughs or change.

■ A con­flict­ing evil agent that blocks, holds back or ma­nip­u­lates any­one who could help your des­tiny.

■ Any evil thing that main­tains sep­a­ra­tion be­tween you and your good­ness.

■ Any evil thing which hin­ders or at­tacks your suc­cess or pros­per­ity.

■ Any strong­hold that pre­vents you from achiev­ing your goals and as­pi­ra­tions.

■ Any­thing that makes you labour in fu­til­ity.

■ Any­thing that de­lays the man­i­fes­ta­tion of your break­throughs.


Fear is sa­tan’s ma­jor in­stru­ment of form­ing in­vis­i­ble bar­ri­ers. Fear is the na­ture of sa­tan.

Once he is able to in­tro­duce fear into your life, he will bring in his gate­keep­ers, which are anger, bit­ter­ness and un­for­give­ness to open the gate of your life to evil in­vis­i­ble forces. Any of the fol­low­ing in­vis­i­ble bar­ri­ers could work against you and pros­per; evil pad­locks, evil chains, evil pro­jec­tions or evil trans­fers.

Pas­tor Julius O. Oluwa­jodu , PhD, FCCA, FCA is the founder of House of Mercy Bi­ble Church in Rand­burg. He can be con­tacted on 011 051 9654, 074 238 1584 or 072 211 4312

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