BEAUTY Skin re­cov­ery

How to res­cue your skin from some bad habits

Move! - - CONTENTS - By Alexis Tshangana

WE have habits that have a bad ef­fect on our skin, from your face to your feet. Here are the most com­mon harm­ful habits and how you can get your skin back to its nat­u­ral state.


The skin of smok­ers is wrin­kled, dry and very scaly. This is be­cause the skin does not have ef­fi­cient blood flow. Some smok­ers are not able to get their skin back to what it used to be as too much dam­age has been done.

Res­cue method: Stop smok­ing and then mois­turise your skin as much as you can. This means hav­ing a morn­ing and evening rou­tine. Your skin is go­ing to need thicker than usual mois­ture such as creams, serums and tis­sue oil gel. If you have an oily skin, you can use a cream or tis­sue oil dur­ing the day then ap­ply gels and serums at night. Wa­ter and cit­rus fruit are im­por­tant as one has anti-ox­i­dants to help clean your blood, while the other sup­plies much needed hy­dra­tion.


These can come in the form of con­stantly scratch­ing your skin, fric­tion from clothes or an al­lergy. The skin starts be­com­ing red, then leaves dark marks or streaks when it has set­tled and is calm.

Res­cue method: Avoid us­ing creams or oint­ments that are oil based de­pend­ing on how deep the cut or in­flam­ma­tion is. Rather use wa­ter based ones. Oil based prod­ucts clog the pores and make the heal­ing process take longer than usual. The most com­mon and help­ful method is to ap­ply an aloe based gel. The aloe plant is full of heal­ing prop­er­ties. Cover the area with a breath­able plas­ter so that bac­te­ria does not en­ter. When wash­ing, do not use harsh scrubs or hot wa­ter.


The down­side of weight loss is ex­cess skin, and stretch marks, which are caused by the skin stretch­ing.

Res­cue method: Please note that stretch marks can never fully dis­ap­pear, you can only make them ap­pear lighter. You can make them look lighter by mix­ing lemon juice with honey. Then ap­ply on the af­fected area ev­ery day for a month. You will start to see re­sults. You can also mix fresh aloe with shea butter or use cas­tor oil.

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