SWD Wo­men aim to get back on track

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Af­ter a di­sap­poin­ting start to their cam­paign, the SWD Wo­men’s c­ric­ket te­am will ha­ve an op­por­tu­ni­ty to get back on track w­hen t­hey ta­ke on Kei in the C­ric­ket SA Pro­vin­ci­al Wo­men’s com­pe­ti­ti­on this wee­kend.

A poor bat­ting per­for­man­ce was the do­wn­fall of the SWD wo­men in both the li­mi­ted o­ver and T20 ma­t­ches a­gainst EP and Ha­ro­li­ne R­ho­des and her te­am will be ai­ming to grab max­i­mum points a­gainst the vi­si­tors.

The li­mi­ted o­ver ma­tch on Sa­tur­day and the T20 ma­tch on Sun­day, will be play­ed at the Re­cre­a­ti­on Ground in Oudts­hoorn.

The SWD te­am con­sis­ts of: Ju­lan­di Saay­man (Har­le­quins), Bi­an­ca Fi­ge­land (Ram­blers), Mi­ca­e­la Andrews (U­ni­on S­tars), An­ne­rie Derck­sen (Sen­traal), Ha­ro­li­ne R­ho­des (U­ni­on S­tars), Mo­chel­le May (Ri­vers­da­le), Ja­ne Win­ster (U­ni­on S­tars), Je­ne­vi­we Jan­tjies (U­ni­on S­tars), Mar­na­zel­le Ra­bie (Har­le­quins), M­ba­li N­dukwa­ne (T­hem­ba­let­hu), C­ha­ni Da­mons (Mos­sel Bay), Vuyol­wet­hu Bo­nya (Ram­blers) and Zoe Mey­er (Ram­blers).

Mo­chel­le May is a new in­clu­si­on in the SWD Wo­men’s c­ric­ket te­am.

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