SA wins best stall at in­ter­na­ti­o­nal tra­de s­how

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South A­fri­ca won the a­ward for the Best Lar­ge Stand at the re­cent IBTM tou­rism tra­de s­how in Bar­ce­lo­na, S­pain.

A­le­wi­jn Dip­pe­naar, of Ad­ven­tu­res Gar­den Rou­te, and Niel Els, pre­si­dent of Skål Gar­den Rou­te, ha­ve just re­tur­ned from the 31st IBTM tra­de s­how, w­he­re they re­pre­sen­ted 15 ad­ven­tu­re tou­rism en­tre­pre­neurs from the Gar­den Rou­te, as well as se­ven ac­com­mo­da­ti­on es­ta­blishments and a wi­ne cel­lar. The Turn­ber­ry Bou­ti­que Ho­tel stall, which was shared with Ad­ven­tu­res Gar­den Rou­te, for­med part of the SA stand. Fif­ty-fi­ve South A­fri­can com­pa­nies we­re a­mong tho­se from 246 coun­tries.

Ac­cor­ding to Dip­pe­naar, ad­ven­tu­re tou­rism re­pre­sen­ted may­be a­bout 2% of the of­fe­rings. “W­hi­le the Gar­den Rou­te is a no­ta­ble des­ti­na­ti­on, we will ha­ve to put a lot of stra­tegy into mar­ke­ting our ad­ven­tu­res to the wor­ld.”

He says mo­re re­se­arch is ne­ces­sa­ry to de­ter­mi­ne who po­ten­ti­al ad­ven­tu­re tou­ris­ts are – their age, des­ti­na­ti­on pre­fe­ren­ces, how of­ten they tra­vel and how long they can stay, and w­het­her they will ha­ve ti­me to get in­vol­ved with so­ci­al de­ve­lop­ment pro­jects. T­he­re are al­so sa­fe­ty and se­cu­ri­ty con­cerns. “The buy­ers are not su­re w­het­her it is sa­fe to par­ta­ke in ad­ven­tu­re tou­rism acti­vi­ties: are the­se acti­vi­ties le­gal and sa­fe, w­hat sup­port sy­stem ex­is­ts if the tou­ris­ts s­hould be in­ju­red and would t­he­re be in­su­ran­ce co­vera­ge in the ca­se of in­ju­ry?”

In ad­di­ti­on, t­he­re is a cost in­cen­ti­ve for tra­vel a­gents and tou­ris­ts a­li­ke in tra­vel­ling in lar­ge groups of up to 100 in­di­vi­du­als. “It is sim­ply che­a­per to tra­vel in lar­ger num­bers. But the­se lar­ge groups need dif­fe­rent fa­ci­li­ties than smal­ler groups – a small ho­tel with less than 60 beds will not ful­fil their needs. We will ha­ve to do mo­re to find out who the a­gents of smal­ler, mo­re ex­clu­si­ve groups are and w­hat their needs are.”

Ac­cor­ding to A­le­wi­jn, two ty­pes of new tou­rism trends stood out: “Fir­st­ly, in­cen­ti­ve tou­rism, w­he­re em­ploy­ers use tra­vel op­por­tu­ni­ties to mo­ti­va­te their em­ploy­ees, is gro­wing.”

Se­cond­ly, in­di­vi­du­al bu­si­nes­ses who try to mar­ket their pro­duct of­fe­rings are lar­ge­ly ig­no­red. “The way to go is by me­ans of des­ti­na­ti­on mar­ke­ting com­pa­nies who re­pre­sent a w­ho­le re­gi­on or spe­ci­fic pro­ducts in the re­gi­on such as ad­ven­tu­re pro­ducts. Tou­ris­ts want to know w­hat a re­gi­on has to of­fer, and that w­ho­le re­gi­on must be mar­ke­ted as a des­ti­na­ti­on.”

Dip­pe­naar’s ap­pli­ca­ti­on to re­pre­sent ad­ven­tu­re tou­rism of the Gar­den Rou­te, was ap­pro­ved to at­tend In­ter­na­ti­o­na­le Tou­ris­mus-B­ör­se (ITB) in Ber­lin, Ger­ma­ny from 6 to 10 March 2019, fol­lo­wed by the Moscow In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Tra­vel and Tou­rism (MITT) Tou­rism Tra­de s­how in Moscow, Rus­sia from 12 to 14 March. Con­tact A­le­wi­jn at 082 457 5675 or dyn­[email protected]

Al­le­wi­jn Dip­pe­naar (left) and Niel Els at their stall in Barcce­lo­na.

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