Ge­or­ge Golf Club en­ter­tains SC No­mads

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The Sout­hern Ca­pe No­mads’ monthly ga­me was play­ed on the pris­ti­ne Ge­or­ge Golf Club re­cent­ly. A to­tal of 68 No­mads and their gue­sts en­joy­ed a gre­at day of golf.

The day was spon­so­red by Ko­ni­ca/ Mi­nol­ta and was re­pre­sen­ted by Pier­re Kru­se and Jo­hann Ra­be.

The win­ners of the an­nu­al Gold Cup Com­pe­ti­ti­on are, from left: Hil­mar Prins (A Di­vi­si­on), No­mads cap­tain, Douw de Lan­ge (C Di­vi­si­on) and G­reg A­bra­hams (B Di­vi­si­on).

The win­ners of the G­len­brynth whis­ky draw, from left: Mar­nus Bek­ker, Sout­hern Ca­pe No­mads cap­tain, Douw de Lan­ge, Brandon Bar­nard and MW du P­reez.

Bar­ry Dan­vers (rig­ht) won the Gol­den Har­vest golf bag draw. Left is No­mads cap­tain, Douw de Lan­ge.

The Di­vi­si­o­nal win­ners of the Sout­hern Ca­pe No­mads’s monthly ga­me. From left: Fer­di Jonck (A Di­vi­si­on), Da­vid E­ve­leigh (B Di­vi­si­on) and Douw de Lan­ge (C Di­vi­si­on).

An­ton I­zaak­se sr. (left), win­ner of the Van Ren­burgs vou­cher, with No­mads cap­tain, Douw de Lan­ge.

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