Club cric­ket le­a­gue fix­tu­res for the wee­kend

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T­he­re will be a lot of in­te­rest in the pre­mier le­a­gue clash be­t­ween Ram­blers and U­ni­on S­tars at Ro­se­moor on Sa­tur­day. Ram­blers (30 points af­ter 8 ma­t­ches) are cur­rent­ly the log le­a­ders with U­ni­on S­tars who is in the se­cond po­si­ti­on (28 points af­ter 9 ma­t­ches).

P­res­su­re will be on Ge­or­ge who is in 4th po­si­ti­on (23 points af­ter 8 ma­t­ches) w­hen they ta­ke on Pi­o­neers.

Mos­sel Bay and We­stern Ho­pe who are in 5th and 7th pla­ce re­specti­ve­ly will be in acti­on at the Van Rie­beek S­ta­di­um in Mos­sel Bay. A lot will al­so be at s­ta­ke in Knyn­sa w­he­re the ho­me te­am ta­kes on Pa­calts­dorp U­ni­ted who is cur­rent­ly at the bottom of the log.

The fix­tu­res are:


Pre­mier Le­a­gue

Knys­na Ca­va­liers vs Pa­calts­dorp U­ni­ted Mos­sel Bay vs We­stern Ho­pe Pi­o­neers vs Ge­or­ge;

Ram­blers vs U­ni­on S­tars

Pro­mo­ti­on Le­a­gue

Mayf­lo­wer vs K­wa­non­qa­ba

Sus­sex vs Blan­co;

New Da­wn Park vs Har­ten­bos Ri­vers­da­le vs Hei­del­berg U­ni­ted; Ca­litz­dorp Young S­tars vs Beau­fort West La­di­smith vs Dys­sels­dorp Ma­sak­ha­ne vs Bon­go­let­hu

Re­ser­ve Le­a­gue

Ge­or­ge C vs Har­ten­bos B

Pi­ra­tes U­ni­ted B vs Knys­na Ca­va­liers B T­hem­ba­let­hu B vs Mayf­lo­wer B We­stern Ho­pe B vs Har­le­quins For­ces B

Wo­men’s Le­a­gue

U­ni­on S­tars vs Har­le­quins For­ces


Pro­mo­ti­on Le­a­gue

St Ge­or­ges vs T­hem­ba­let­hu Wil­der­ness Vi­pers vs Pi­ra­tes U­ni­ted

Re­ser­ve Le­a­gue U­ni­on S­tars B vs Sus­sex B Ge­or­ge C vs Pi­ra­tes U­ni­ted B Pi­o­neers B vs Mos­sel Bay C U­ni­on S­tars C vs Mos­sel Bay B Pa­calts­dorp U­ni­ted B vs Ge­or­ge B; Wo­men’s Le­a­gue

Har­le­quins For­ces vs T­hem­ba­let­hu Ri­vers­da­le vs Dys­sels­dorp

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