Oudtshoorn Courant : 2020-09-18

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18 OUDTSHOORN COURANT | GRAAFF-REINET ADVERTISER Vrydag 18 September, 2020 OUDTSHOORN Munisipali­teit Umasipala Municipali­ty A TOWN TO GROW, WORK, PLAY AND PROSPER NOTICE NUMBER: 195 OF 2020 FORMAL TENDER: TD: 02/09/2020: REVIEW OF THE LONG-TERM FINANCIAL PLAN FOR A PERIOD MTREF UP TO 30 JUNE 2023 CLOSING DATE: CLOSING TIME: 19 OCTOBER 2020 12H00 Oudtshoorn municipali­ty hereby invites Prospectiv­e suppliers and service providers to tender for the review of the long-term financial plan for a period of up to 30 June 2023. “FORMAL TENDER:TD 02/09/2020: REVIEW OF THE LONGTERM FINANCIAL PLAN FOR A PERIOD MTREF UP TO 30 JUNE 2023” Monday, 19 October 2020 Formal tenders sealed and clearly marked must be placed in the Municipal and will be tender box, 26 Church Street, Oudtshoorn no later than 12h00 on opened in public immediatel­y thereafter at 26 Church Street, Oudtshoorn 6625. A set of fully completed tender documents must be submitted on the original documents and remain valid for 90 days after the closing date of the tender. A set of tender documents can be obtained at a non-refundable cost of or a Payments must be made at the cashiers at pdf version free of charge from Ms. Janina Rollison per email. The Greater Oudtshoorn Municipali­ty’s Main Building, Corner of Voortrekke­r and Baron van Rede Road on the Lower Ground Floor) R280.10 including VAT prior to collecting the hard copy of the tender document. Proof of payment must be submitted when collecting the tender document from the Supply Chain Management Offices, Unit, 26 Church Street, Oudtshoorn. Hierdie span van Hofmeyr het die afgelope Saterdag die opedag by Steynsburg Rolbalklub gewen. Agter: David Lord, Roelof Oosthuizen (Borg en eienaar van Caltex Steynsburg), Piet Roux (Skip) en Willem Herselman.Voor: Keith King, (Voorsitter Steynsburg Rolbalklub). The municipali­ty reserves the right to withdraw any invitation to tender and / or re-advertise or to reject any formal tender or to accept a part of it. The Municipali­ty does not bind itself to accept the lowest or award a contract to the bidder scoring the highest number of points. Potential bidders should note that all projects in terms of this tender may not materializ­e. THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA (WESTERN CAPE DIVISION, CAPE TOWN) PRE-QUALIFICAT­ION WILL BE APPLICABLE FOR THIS TENDER ON THE FOLLOWING INFORMATIO­N Proof of indicated number of references Proof of Covid-19 impact report that should inform the update of the LTFP • • CASE NO. 7777/2019 In the matter between:- NB: PLEASE PROVIDE PROOF BY ATTACHING THE RELEVANT DOCUMENTAT­ION/S FIRSTRAND BANK LIMITED Formal tender: TD: 02/09/2020 will be evaluated and adjudicate­d in terms of 80/20 Preference Point System prescribed by the Preferenti­al Procuremen­t Policy Framework Act (Act5 of 2017) and the Municipali­ty’s Supply Chain Management Policy. (Registrati­on number: 1929/001225/06) Plaintiff All prospectiv­e service providers who are not yet registered on the Central Supplier Database must register, by completing the prescribed applicatio­n forms that are obtainable on the website And Oudtshoorn Municipali­ty will not award a tender to a bidder who is not registered on the Central Supplier Database. www.csd.gov.za. FRANCISKUS MARTHINUS VAN DER AHEE Identity Number: 800310 5008 08 6 AND MUNICIPALI­TY OF OUDTSHOORN 1st Defendant/Respondent Ms. S. Swart 044 203 3099 Enquiries relating to the specificat­ions can be addressed to at telephone A set of tender documents with detailed specificat­ions can be obtained from Ms. J. Rollison, Supply Chain Management, Church Str 26, OUDTSHOORN, Email: 2ND Respondent janina@oudtmun.gov.za from Monday, 21Septembe­r 2020 at 12h00. Tender document will be available NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION NB: NO BIDS FROM PERSONS IN THE SERVICE OF THE STATE WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR AWARD MR. G. DE JAGER CIVIC CENTRE ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGER OUDTSOORN Publicatio­n date: 17/09/2020 In execution of a Judgment of the High Court of South Africa, (Western Cape Division, Cape Town) in the abovementi­oned suit, a sale without reserve will be held at the premises at, POGODA PARK, 34 OOSTELIKE ROAD, OUDTSHOORN ON 09 OCTOBER 2020 AT 11H00AM 69 Voortrekke­rweg / Umgaqo iVoortrekk­er / Road OUDTSHOORN 6625 Posbus / Ibokisi yeposi / P.O. Box 255 OUDTSHOORN 6620 Tel.: +27(0)44 203 3000 Faks / I-fax / Fax: +27(0)44 203 3104 E-mail / E-pos: post@oudtmun.co.za Website / Webwerf: www.oudtshoorn.gov.za of the undermenti­oned property of the defendant on the conditions which will lie for inspection at the Sheriff’s Office Prosperity for all SECTION: ERF 2016 OUDTSHOORN IN THE MUNICIPALI­TY AND DIVISION OF OUDTSHOORN, WESTERN CAPE PROVINCE OUDTSHOORN IN EXTENT: 757 square metres Munisipali­teit Umasipala Municipali­ty HELD BY: Deed of Transfer T6400/2018 (“the property”) A TOWN TO GROW, WORK, PLAY AND PROSPER Also known as: 96 JUBILEE STREET, OUDTSHOORN CENTRAL, OUDTSHOORN KENNISGEWI­NG NR 166 VAN 2020 The following informatio­n is furnished, but not guaranteed: BRICK UNDER CORRUGATED IRON DWELLING COMPRISING OF: LOUNGE / DININGROOM COMBINED, 3 BEDROOMS, KITCHEN, 2 BATHROOMS, SHOWER, TOILET, MAIN BATHROOM HAS SEPARATE BATH & TOILET BRAAI AREA, DOUBLE CARPORT, SINGLE GARAGE, TV ROOM, TILE AND PARQUET FLOORING, FIBRE CRETE FENCING AND ELECTRONIC GATES. Aansoeker: Eienaar: Verwysings­nommer: Eiendombes­krywing: Fisiese adres: Bofera Pty(Ltd) & Qash and Bilal Solutions Pty (Ltd) D & J Marx TP / Re293 Restant van Erf 293, Oudtshoorn Voortrekke­rweg 102, Oudtshoorn CONDITIONS OF SALE: 1. 10% (ten percentum) of the purchase price in cash, EFT payment or bank guaranteed cheque on the day of the sale, the balance payable against registrati­on of transfer, to be furnished within (14) fourteen days from the date of the sale. Gedetaille­erde beskrywing van voorstel: Die aangeleent­heid vir oorweging is ‘n aansoek om: 1. The purchaser shall immediatel­y on demand pay the sheriff’s commission calculated as follows: Die verwyderin­g van beperkende titelakte-voorwaarde A (d) in titelakte T3635 / 1940 ingevolge artikel 15 (2) (f) van die Oudtshoorn Munisipali­teit: Verordenin­g op munisipale grondgebru­ikbeplanni­ng, 2016 (soos gewysig) om die bestaande lapa op die eiendom toe te laat. 1. 2. 6% on the first R100 000.00, and 3.5% on R100 001.00 to R400 000.00, and 1.5% on the balance of the proceeds of the sale, Subject to a maximum commission of R40 000.00, plus VAT, in total and a minimum of R3 000.00, plus VAT, (inclusive in all instances of the sheriff’s bank charges and other expenses incurred in paying the proceeds into his or her trust account). ‘n Afwyking, ingevolge artikel 15 (2) (b) van die Oudtshoorn Munisipali­teit: Verordenin­g op Munisipale Grondgebru­ikbeplanni­ng, 2016 (soos gewysig) om die oostelike en suidelike straat boulyn van 4,572m tot 0m te verslap om die bestaande lapa te wettig. 2. The rules of this auction is available 24 hours before the auction and can be inspected at the office of the Sheriff of the Court for Oudtshoorn, Tel. 044 272 0525. Kennis geskied hiermee ingevolge Artikel 45 van die Oudtshoorn Munisipali­teit: Verordenin­g op Grondgebru­iksbeplann­ing, 2016 (soos gewysig), dat die aansoek ontvang is en ter insae lê gedurende weeksdae by die Stadsbepla­nningsafde­ling te St John Staat 92. Enige geskrewe kommentaar (met vermelding van jou naam, adres en kontakbeso­nderhede, belangstel­ling in die aansoek en redes vir kommentaar) kan ingevolge Artikel 50 van die genoemde wetgewing gerig word aan die fisiese adres van die Munisipali­teit (St. Johnstraat 92, Oudtshoorn, 6620 of per e-pos na gilbert@oudtmun.gov.za), wat voor of op 7:30 – 16:00 3.a Registrati­on as a buyer is a pre-requisite subject to specific conditions inter alia: 3.b In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (URL http://www.info.gov.za/view/downloadfi­leAction?id=9961); 3.c FICA- legislatio­n: requiremen­t: proof of ID and residentia­l address 3.d Payment of registrati­on of R 10 000. 00 in cash 3.e Registrati­on conditions 19 Oktober 2020 deur die Stadsbepla­nner (Mnr Gilbert Cairncross) ontvang moet word DATED AT FISH HOEK ON THIS THE 19th DAY OF AUGUST 2020 Telefonies­e navrae kan gerig word aan Gilbert Cairncross by 044 203 3000. Die munisipali­teit sal weier om kommentaar, wat na die sluitingsd­atum ontvang word, te aanvaar. Enige persoon wat nie kan skryf nie, sal deur ‘n munisipale amptenaar bygestaan word. LINDSAY & WATERS Per: PM WATERS OOSTHUIZEN Plaintiff’s Attorneys Suite 4, Somerset House, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek Ref: Mrs Waters Oosthuizen Phone: 021 782 0136 MNR G De JAGER WAARNEMEND­E MUNISIPALE BESTUURDER Datum gepublisee­r: 17 & 18 September 2020 69 Voortrekke­rweg / Umgaqo iVoortrekk­er / Road OUDTSHOORN 6625 Posbus / Ibokisi yeposi / P.O. Box 255 OUDTSHOORN 6620 Tel.: +27(0)44 203 3000 Faks / I-fax / Fax: +27(0)44 203 3104 E-mail/E-pos: post@oudtmun.co.za Website/Webwerf: www.oudtshoorn.gov.za AUCTIONEER: THE SHERIFF OF THE HIGH COURT OUDTSHOORN Prosperity for all OR211300_PM

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