Gigi’s an­gels and demons

THE su­per­model on the highs and lows of earn­ing her wings.

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WHETHER it’s with her sis­ter or her boyfriend, Gigi Ha­did is the kind of girl who likes to have some­one to share in her in­cred­i­ble suc­cess.

She’s starred in a video and mod­elled with boyfriend, ex-One Di­rec­tion heart­throb Zayn Ma­lik, and has lit­tle sis­ter Bella for com­pany as the pair con­tinue to make head­lines for their stun­ning looks and style. Guided by her mother Yolanda,a for­mer top model her­self, Gigi has worked hard to earn her wings while in­sist­ing that she and her fel­low An­gels are any­thing but the bad role mod­els some ac­cuse them of be­ing. Here she talks about be­ing an An­gel, ful­fill­ing her child­hood dream and work­ing with her sis­ter and best friend.

What do you love most about mod­el­ling for Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret?

The feel­ing of be­ing part of a group of girls all so ex­cited and happy for each other. It’s all about cel­e­brat­ing and be­ing re­ally pos­i­tive.

What does it mean to you to be cho­sen as a VS An­gel?

This show was my dream, my whole life. As a kid I used to watch it and then, in the com­mer­cial breaks, prac­tise my lit­tle run­way walk. There are so many girls that I grew up watch­ing who are now great friends and sis­ters to me.

And there are so many new, beau­ti­ful, amaz­ing girls that I am so happy for.

What was it like to be with your sis­ter Bella, and Ken­dall Jen­ner on the run­way?

It’s so fun to be to­gether. To look across the room and have that sense of home is very rare in any in­dus­try. I think that we are not only lucky to have each other but also so many girls that we gen­uinely feel like are our fam­ily.

So there’s no sib­ling ri­valry be­tween you and your sis­ter?

Hon­estly, no. It’s great to be the first sis­ters in a VS show. That’s re­ally fun for us. I think other girls see us and they maybe wish they had a sis­ter with them. Bella and I are al­ways tak­ing new sis­ter­sona daily ba­sis be­cause all the girls on the run­way are like fam­ily to us.

How did your friend­ship with Ken­dall start?

Our fam­i­lies have al­ways been con­nected, although we never re­ally got the op­por­tu­nity to hang out to­gether as kids. We have only been friends for a few years but we’re re­ally ex­cited for and sup­port­ive of each other.

How im­por­tant is it to also have the sup­port of your mother?

My mom is so amaz­ing. She has raised us with such an aware­ness for the in­dus­try be­causeof her ex­pe­ri­ence in it. I feel re­ally lucky for that be­cause she never sug­ar­coated it for us.

What has been her top ad­vice?

To just al­ways be the nicest, most hard work­ing girl in the room. If you are not, there is some­one nicer, pret­tier and more hard work­ing.

Do you have a pre-run­way rit­ual?

Yeah, I do 15 squats to get my bum a lit­tle bit more perky!

What do you do to pre­pare for a show?

I have never re­ally been a gym-goer so I play volleyball, ride horses, box or I run on the beach. I ba­si­cally do things that make me happy. I think that’s re­ally im­por­tant. I have been pretty open with my ex­pe­ri­ence with Hashimoto’s dis­ease – my thy­roid prob­lem. This is the first year that my thy­roid has been re­ally balanced so that is re­ally nice for my body. Most of the time I’m not nec­es­sar­ily try­ing to lose any weight so I eat nor­mally be­cause I think it’s good to re­ward my­self with things that I like.

How are you cop­ing with fame?

I just take it day by day. It’s a lot but I think it’s re­ally im­por­tant to know your­self and know when you are push­ing your­self too hard. You need to be hon­est with your­self and with peo­ple who sup­port you be­cause your men­tal health and well­be­ing is just as im­por­tant as phys­i­cal.

What about the ru­mours and com­ments on­line about your pri­vate life?

I think it’s im­por­tant not to pay at­ten­tion to that stuff. My step­dad al­ways told me that if you don’t be­lieve the good, you won’t be­lieve the bad, which has a lot to do with read­ing it in gen­eral.

What do you like to do in your down­time?

I go for a nice walk, I go to my gar­den or I cook some­thing. We have a fam­ily farm and I love spend­ing my time there with the an­i­mals. It makes me feel nor­mal and it makes me feel like a kid again. I think when you do things that you have fun do­ing and you let it be a nat­u­ral part of your life, then it’s al­ways pos­i­tive.

What ar­eas of your body do you have to work on the most to be a VS An­gel?

It’s all core — es­pe­cially when you have those heavy wings on.

What goes on be­hind the scenes of a VS show?

On the day of the show it’s about giv­ing ev­ery­one a big hug and just say­ing, “Good morn­ing, how did you sleep? How are you?” It’s about be­ing re­ally pos­i­tive and know­ing that we have all worked so hard to be here. Then it’s just about en­joy­ing it and tak­ing it all in. I al­ways try to breathe, take a step back, look around and not let it go by too quickly be­cause it’s easy to be so ex­cited that you black out and it’s the end of the day. It’s a big cel­e­bra­tion al­to­gether from the sec­ond we get there.

What are is must-have fash­ion item?

Com­fort­able heels! Gen­er­ally, I think the more com­fort­able you feel in your clothes, the bet­ter you look. I feel like if I am fid­get­ing with stuff, I am al­ways sec­ond guess­ing it. If you’re com­fort­able, you never feel out of place.

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