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START this year healthy and you’ll be spend­ing it smil­ing.

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FROM nutri­tion to med­i­cal-check-ups, here are some sim­ple things to do to make 2019 your health­i­est year yet! Carry Hand Sani­tiser: Clean hands will keep the germs away. While wash­ing your hands through­out the day is vi­tal, make sure to keep hand sani­tiser on you for those in-be­tween times when you can’t wash them. Keep Healthy Foods On Hand:

If you have healthy foods around, you’ll eat them – this will pre­vent a junk food binge. Make healthy food eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble. Stay Away From Hid­den Fats:

De­scrip­tions like ‘‘creamy’’, ‘‘stuffed’’, ‘‘sauced’’ ,or ‘‘breaded’’ gen­er­ally in­di­cate that the dish is heavy with fats. Close Your Win­dows At Night:

For those who suf­fer from al­ler­gies, keep those win­dows closed and use a fan in­stead. Get An An­nual Check-Up: You must see your GP or physi­cian at least once a year for a full check-up, which should in­clude a full blood count, too. Take A Multi-Vi­ta­min:

Your body needs to pro­tect it­self so take your daily multi-vi­ta­min. Eat Plenty Of Fi­bre:

This is the best way to avoid di­ges­tive ill­nesses; clean your di­ges­tive tract with lots off fi­bre. Spend Time With Healthy (And Pos­i­tive) Peo­ple:

We pick up habits from those around us, so keep your friends as clean as your meals.. Get At Least 60 Min­utes Of Ex­er­cise A Day:

Walk, run, swim – it doesn’t mat­ter. Just move daily. If need be, break this time up into man­age­able 15-minute chunks.. Get Suf­fi­cient Sleep:

You need eight hours to func­tion prop­erly and to avoid a su­gar binge the next day. Drink Enough wa­ter: Keep a bot­tle by your desk and drink away through­out the day. A min­i­mum of eight glasses a day is re­quired. Start Yoga:

It has both phys­i­cal and men­tal ben­e­fits. Take Con­trol Of Your Diet: You are what you eat so eat healthy and be happy. Get Close To Na­ture:

Be­ing out­doors is great for body and mind – take a walk, ex­er­cise out­side, and get some much-needed vi­ta­min D.

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