Move Over, Annabelle

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HERE is one of the more out­landish tales you’ll hear in 2018. It’s not as if dolls aren’t creepy enough. Ap­par­ently there’s one caus­ing a woman known only as Ber­liz a lot of stress and an­guish be­cause it pro­hibits her from do­ing the dance with no pants with her boyfriend. Said boyfriend is in­deed a real per­son and Ber­liz claims that the doll, named Deisy, is rather jeal­ous of him. Deisy even slashed her face in a fit of rage on one oc­ca­sion. The Christ­mas present turned out to be a night­mar­ish gift and Ber­liz says that the doll can move about and cause mis­chief on its own ac­cord. “One day, a bright light sud­denly shone and my Bi­ble fell down from the TV. I started to cry and the light turned off and I saw shad­ows all around me,” Ber­liz re­calls of one of the more bizarre al­leged events that have ‘hap­pened’ since the doll be­came part of her fam­ily. She has since got her­self a black cat to bal­ance out the neg­a­tive en­ergy. The cat, how­ever, re­fuses to go near the doll.

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