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1. Wash Hands

MAKE sure they wash their hands reg­u­larly, and ex­plain the im­por­tance of do­ing it at school, too. This is one of the best ways to pre­vent in­fec­tions, say ex­perts. Teach them to use warm, soapy wa­ter and to scrub un­til they fin­ish­ing singing the al­pha­bet song. Okay, if they’re older, get them to count to 20 be­fore rins­ing. 2.

Cover Sneezes And Coughs

MAKE sure they know to cover their nose when they sneeze and mouth when they cough. And once again, they must wash their hands af­ter do­ing so! 3.

Don’t Share

THIS sounds rude but we’re not telling you to teach them to be spoilt brats and not share their be­long­ings. We are, how­ever, ask­ing that you teach them to not share cups, uten­sils, wa­ter bot­tles, hats, brushes and lip balms. 4.

Keep Hands Off The Face

HANDS get dirty fast, so touch­ing your face means you’re just spread­ing those germs. Teach the kids to keep their fin­gers out of their mouths, noses and ears. 5.

A Good Night’s Sleep

KIDS need their rest to keep their im­mune sys­tems healthy and strong, so make sure they’re in bed early ev­ery night and get­ting at least eight to 10 hours of sleep a night, depend­ing on their age. 6. Keep A Healthy Diet

WHAT we eat doesn’t only keep our en­ergy lev­els up but keeps our im­mune sys­tems in check, so make sure they (and you) eat nu­tri­tious meals daily. Fill their lunch boxes with healthy meals and snacks, and keep junk food out of the house. A nu­tri­tious diet can give young im­mune sys­tems a healthy boost. 7.them

Keep Them Home When Sick

WHEN your kids are sick, please keep

at home. Ev­ery other par­ent will thank you! While this might be a lit­tle in­con­ve­nient for those who have to work, it’s the best thing for your child – to re­cover – and for the rest of the class, who don’t need to catch what your child is spread­ing. 8.

Keep Bags Sep­a­rate

MAKE sure to keep school bags in a des­ig­nated area at home, to avoid spread­ing germs through­out the house. Keep them out of the kitchen and their bed­rooms and wash them reg­u­larly. 9.

Keep Kids Ac­tive

KIDS who get reg­u­lar ex­er­cise stay health­ier, so make sure they’re mov­ing in one way or an­other. Hey, we’re not say­ing you need to send your five-year-old to gym, but let them run around in the gar­den, do some sport or walk the dog with you in the af­ter­noon.

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