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Pet lovers, meet the new vet

- Maretha Swanepoel

Graham Taylor looks very young, almost too young to be a veterinari­an, but he proudly boasts with the needed qualificat­ions to his name.

Graham is the new addition to the Pietersbur­g Veterinary Clinic, where he started his career on April 12. He is originally from Johannesbu­rg and decided to study at the University of Pretoria’s faculty of veterinary science to become a vet. After difficult years and hard work, he obtained his degree and went to Berlyn Service Centre in Letsitele to complete his Compulsory Community Service (CCS).

“I have a friend in Polokwane who heard about the open position at the practice. She said it will suit me perfectly, so I applied and got the job.”

Graham knew from a young age that he would love to work with animals and when the time came to choose a career, it was an easy choice. His favourite wild animal is a honey badger while a cow is his favourite domestic animal.

“I like the farm life and to visit farms. To work with a horse is the most difficult for me, but the strangest animal I have ever worked on was a lizard. I learned a lot during my CCS-year and I am ready to help patients.”

To put a pet down is not easy for the owner or the vet, and Graham says he tries to be sympatheti­c with the owner when he has to convince them that it is the best thing to do for the animal. If it is not the best option for the animal, he will try to talk the owner out if it.

“Neutering your animals is important and the reason for the big expense is because there are a lot of staff working on your pet, the medicine is costly and so is the material, instrument­s and machines needed for the operation. Female cats are easier to

sterilise than dogs.

 ?? ?? Graham G Taylor is happy to
help furry patients.
Graham G Taylor is happy to help furry patients.

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