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Residents take hands to clean Ladanna

- Maretha Swanepoel

The community forum in Ladanna recently arranged a clean-up campaign as residents complained about littered streets.

One of the members, Martie Bold, says they believe by educating the residents of Ladanna things will take a turn for the better.

“We have a major problem with litter in the city, and therefore decided to do something about it. This is the first campaign of its sort in Ladanna and we believe we can create a better image of the neighbourh­ood for those living here and those driving through the area.”

Municipal refuse is collected on Mondays, but Bold says some residents are illinforme­d about the schedule.

“With this campaign we will educate the residents and property owners to keep the neighbourh­ood clean, as it can cause health issues.

“We are trying to get as many residents involved with this campaign. We can make Ladanna a better, cleaner and safer place to live in.”

With this campaign the organisers furthermor­e aim to stop the waste pickers.

“We want to educate the community to put empty tin cans, glass and domestic waste in different bags, as it makes it easier for the waste-pickers to sort and not opening the black bags.”

The organisers also decided to get the youth involved by creating a competitio­n to fill the most refuse bags.

Each person participat­ing will also get a small ‘thank you’ gift.

To make this intiative successful, the community needs black bags, brooms, rakes and spades, vehicles to help remove the filled bags, water or something to drink for everyone and hands to help clean up.

“If there are companies that would like to get involved by sponsoring us with water bottles, caps or any other promotiona­l items, they can give us a call.”

To get involved, feel free to contact Martie on 079 819 6017, Jacky Kubanek on 079 806 5527, Mabotse Mothiba on 076 884 4137 or André Kotze on 081 348 0276.

Emails can be sent to ward 23 to the following address: Annadale@gmail.com or ar.kotze@gmail.com.

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 ?? ?? Municipal refuse is collected on Mondays, but residents are ill-informed.
Municipal refuse is collected on Mondays, but residents are ill-informed.

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