Most Con­vinc­ing Ghost Hel­met


Popular Mechanics (South Africa) - - INCREDIBLY SPECIAL EFFECTS AWARDS -

Mak­ing a low-budget ghost cos­tume for a movie is not as easy as just throw­ing old bed­ding over an ac­tor. Cos­tume designer An­nell Brodeur found that out the first time she tested the king-size sheet Casey Af­fleck wore for A Ghost Story, about a man whose spirit is trapped on Earth af­ter he dies in a car crash. “If you put your arms out straight, a king-size bed sheet doesn’t cover an adult man,” says Brodeur. “Director David Low­ery didn’t want to see the per­son un­der­neath. He wanted it to feel like an abyss, so I had to fig­ure out how to make it look like there was just a smooth head un­der­neath, and then... va­cancy.” So she made a ghost hel­met (right). The soft-foam hel­met has black eye in­serts shaped like eggs and tilted out so that the bot­toms splay out­ward to keep the eye­holes from fall­ing in on them­selves when the sheet is on top. The only other ad­di­tion was a cou­ple of tiny stitches over the eyes. Even ghosts can use eye­brows.

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