Where to hide, which shel­ter to choose, and how far is far enough from the blast?

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We’ve seen What North Korea can do, and even though it hasn’t been in the news lately, the ex­perts we con­sulted say that ter­ror­ists are still try­ing to get dirty bombs into the coun­try. The threat of a nu­clear at­tack on the United States is higher than it’s been since Ber­lin had a wall down its cen­tre and Weird Al had a movie ca­reer. But what would that at­tack en­tail? What kind of dam­age would a nu­clear bomb cause, and what, if any­thing, could we do to get ready for it?

The fire­ball cre­ated by a nu­clear bomb can reach tens of mil­lions of de­grees. The blast sends a shock wave that would de­stroy nearly ev­ery­one and ev­ery­thing within this first ring. The ini­tial shock wave lessens af­ter the first ring, but will still...

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