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An­heuser-busch pre-or­dered 40 elec­tric Tesla Semis for use in short-dis­tance de­liv­er­ies from the brew­ery to whole­salers and has part­nered with Nikola to de­velop hy­dro­gen­pow­ered long-haul tech­nol­ogy.

An­heuser-busch spends about R1,5 bil­lion on fuel each year, which in­cludes fuel for its ded­i­cated fleets and long-haul trans­porta­tion by pri­vate car­ri­ers that move beer be­tween brew­eries and whole­salers.

Each year, trucks trans­port­ing An­heuser-busch prod­uct travel enough road to cir­cle the Earth 18 000 times.

The 40 Tesla trucks will be part of a 750truck fleet that trans­ports beer from An­heuserBusch’s brew­eries di­rectly to whole­salers.

On any given day, if you took each of An­heuserBusch’s truck trail­ers en route to cus­tomers and lined them up one di­rectly in front of the other, the line would stretch 80 km.

Ac­cord­ing to Tesla’s es­ti­mates, An­heuserBusch could ex­pect to save R100 mil­lion on fuel by us­ing the 40 elec­tric Tesla Semis.

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