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On the topic of the O pow­ered car:

2 this is the first I’ve heard of a lo­cal patent. The prob­lem with oxy­gen is that it’s ac­tu­ally quite a heavy gas, even heav­ier than petrol when in the same state. Then you have to con­sider the en­ergy needed to cool the gas down to shrink it enough or sep­a­rate it from at­mo­spheric ni­tro­gen (the air we breath is only about 21 per cent oxy­gen).

You can get a per­for­mance boost from a richer in oxy­gen mix, or by adding ni­trous- ox­ide into the com­bus­tion. N O liqui­fies un­der

2 pres­sure quite eas­ily, but I don’t see it be­ing a vi­able pri­mary fuel source.

The world has engineered it­self to be de­pen­dant on fos­sil fu­els, but there are a cou­ple of hy­dro­gen pro­to­types lurk­ing in back garages across SA. If only Toy­ota didn’t mo­nop­o­lise those patents, who knows what could emerge. En­joy your prize.- Edi­tor

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