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A good pil­low aligns your spine for sleep. I tested two ap­proaches. The Pur­ple pil­low ( pur­ple.com) is a one­size-fits-all lat­tice of a rub­bery ma­te­rial called a gel elas­tomer. Its rigid edges sup­port your neck but it col­lapses in the cen­ter to cradle your skull. It’s also heav­ier than any pil­low I’ve ever en­coun­tered and smells weird. But that fades, and it was­com­fort­able though best for a back sleeper. I’m a stom­ach sleeper, so Bedgear cus­tom­fit me for a Dawn 1.0 Per­for­mance pil­low ( bedgear.com), a thin slice of foam (to avoid a kink in my neck) wrapped in cool­ing fab­ric that ac­tu­ally worked. Comfy. I also in­quired with two of New York’s finest ho­tels, the Mark and the Pierre, about tra­di­tional pil­lows. Both use Down­lite Ho­tel pil­lows con­tain­ing duck feathers and goose down. Start­ing at R600, you don’t have to be able to af­ford the pent­house suite to buy one.

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