Other No­table Ve­hi­cles with Non-tra­di­tional Sources of Power

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In 2010, Am­trak tested a 20 per cent beef-tal­low-based biodiesel. Re­sults showed the fuel didn’t dam­age the en­gines or make emis­sions worse.


A R63 mil­lion yacht uses so­lar- and wind-gen­er­ated elec­tric­ity to split hy­dro­gen from seawa­ter, feed­ing a fuel cell that can power the boat.


A Toy­ota test car adds micro­organ­isms to solid waste. Re­move the CO from the 2 re­sult­ing bio­gas, add wa­ter vapor, and you have hy­dro­gen.


At a farm co-op in France (of course), duck fat is heated to 120 ˚ C to boil off the wa­ter, then com­bined with al­co­hol and potas­sium hy­drox­ide to cre­ate biodiesel that is mixed with diesel to run the trac­tor.

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