FRI­DAY 24/08

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The lat­est vol­canic erup­tions to make the news were Hawaii’s Kïlauea and Vol­cán de Fuego in Gu­atemala. A key dif­fer­ence be­tween the two is that Fuego’s magma is higher in sil­i­cates, which re­sults in more vis­cous magma and ex­plo­sive, rapidly mov­ing erup­tions of hot rock, ash and gas – py­ro­clas­tic flows. Kïlauea’s magma con­tains more mag­ne­sium and iron, lead­ing to a less vis­cous (run­nier) flow. Here, lava flows out slowly, rather than ex­plod­ing out, and this is why Kïlauea has been less deadly than Fuego.

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