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Like any hobby or in­dus­try, bee­keep­ing has its fair share of lingo. Here are a few terms you should know to be con­sid­ered hip to the hive: Api­cul­ture: The tech­ni­cal term for bee­keep­ing. Brood cham­ber: The por­tion of the hive where the queen lays eggs in struc­tured cells (the ‘brood’). Drones: Male bees, re­spon­si­ble for fer­til­is­ing the queen bee’s eggs. They have no stinger or pollen basket, and live for about one week, dy­ing right af­ter mat­ing. Honey su­per: The por­tion of the hive where the bees store their ex­tra honey, which is har­vested. Su­per: A box in which eight to ten frames of comb are hung ver­ti­cally. Queen: The pri­mary fe­male in a colony re­spon­si­ble for re­pro­duc­tion. She may lay up to 1 500 eggs per day at peak pro­duc­tion, and can live for sev­eral years. Queen ex­cluder: A spe­cially sized screen that pre­vents the queen from en­ter­ing the honey su­per to keep the brood cham­ber sep­a­rate. Work­ers: Fe­male bees with a life ex­pectancy of around six weeks. They are re­spon­si­ble for per­form­ing all the colony’s labour. They clean cells, feed the brood, care for the queen, build wax combs, guard the hive, and for­age for pollen and nec­tar.

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